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Signs of Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

Posted Jul 18 2011 6:03pm
With the summer well upon us in New England and temperatures getting into the 90's it is easy to look outside and just decide not to exercise.  I would like to state, if it is over 90 degrees, you shouldn't exercise outside!  Stay inside and play Xbox or use the PCgamerbike that I always talk about!  Perhaps some Wii Fit, or various Xbox Kinect games as well would do on these kind of days.

You need to remain smart in the summer months, much more than any other.  While the winter has it's own set of challenges, there is nothing, in my opinion, more difficult than trying to run when the thermostat is reading 85+.  Sure, in the winter, running in the street due to ice/snowy sidewalks can be a pain, and very dangerous, but at least you can still keep your whits about you.

I wanted to list below (Per our friends at signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

    * nausea,

    * vomiting,

    * fatigue,

    * weakness,

    * headache,

    * muscle cramps and aches, and

    * dizziness.

However, some individuals can develop symptoms of heat stroke suddenly and rapidly without warning.

Different people may have different symptoms and signs of heatstroke. Common symptoms and signs of heat stroke include:

    * high body temperature,

    * the absence of sweating, with hot red or flushed dry skin,

    * rapid pulse,

    * difficulty breathing,

    * strange behavior,

    * hallucinations,

    * confusion,

    * agitation,

    * disorientation,

    * seizure, and/or

    * coma.

It is important if memorize these symptoms and signs so that when you are outside exercising and start to experience them, you stop over-exerting yourself and immediately start hydrating.  You should always carry $20 on you for emergency purposes while doing long distance running exercises.  You can use this money to buy a drink, a cab ride, etc.

Stay cool out there!

Tip O' The Day:
In your Camelbak or other brand water hydration back, put a full tray of ice in there.  It'll keep it cold for hours, and on 80+ degree days REALLY makes you feel good!

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