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Sienna Miller Weight And Diet - The Scoop For You!

Posted Jul 20 2008 10:00pm
Sienna Miller’s is a celebrity that can’t seem to stay out of the papers. The stunning but controversial star launched to fame as a photographic model before trying her hand in plays, TV drama and finally movies.

Sienna has caused a stir with her smoking habit, her weight, her relationship and consequent break up with fellow star Jude Law and most recently her steamy fling with married (but now separated) oil heir Balthazar Getty.

Regardless of the press, Sienna is pretty darn hot so read on to find out how she gets her weight and that body.

The stories of Sienna’s weight and diet vary from source to source but I’ve put together what I’ve found for YOU :)

Sienna Miller’s Diet

Sienna isn’t one of the strict, exercise addicted celebs in fact the starlet says, ‘I don-t really exercise and I eat all the burgers I want. I-d rather be lumpy and heavy than skinny and miserable.’

The seemingly down to earth star also admits she’s by no means perfect. She says, ‘Let-s face it. My so-called fabulous shape is the result of very clever airbrushing. I have small boobs and cellulite!’

Sienna Miller has had to gain and lose weight for her movie roles. Her most recent weight loss was for her role as Edie Sedgwick in the film Factory Girl.

Sienna didn’t go nuts with crazy exercise routines or extreme diets - or so she says anyway! Sienna said, ‘The director wanted me to lose weight, but I can’t work that hard and not eat all the food that I normally eat -” and I’m a real pig!’

Instead Sienna looked to alternatives she could find for her big loves in life including wine. Sienna knew that she couldn’t keep up her wine habits so looked for a lower calorie alternative and she found vodka. Instead of her usual wine glass she enjoyed a shot of vodka at meal times.

Obviously this is by no means the best way to lose weight (or live in general) but we’re just reporting the background behind Sienna’s weight.

Sienna Miller’s Exercise

Although Sienna admits she’s a bit lazy when it comes to exercise she does manage to incorporate exercise into her everyday life by walking her dogs and generally being "a high strung person and running around a lot."

Other reports say that Sienna participates in rope yoga which is fantastic for the tummy, thighs and hips. Rope yoga is great for toning and does more than just stretch the body like other yoga styles.

Sienna is reportedly beginning a hard core training program for a new role in the upcoming G.I Joe movie. She needs to bulk up and build some serious muscle for the role and has had to work hard for it.

The teeny actress has reportedly already gained 2.5kgs and is training with a former MI6 agent (sounds very James Bond!) Her training program involves weight training and intensive boxing workouts. but has more to go so is training with boxing and weight training.

The program is said to focus on building core strength along with work on her legs, shoulders and arms to build her physique much like a real female soldier.

So there you have it…

Watch out for a lean but strong looking Sienna in the near future :)

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