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SHSC Week 5 Update!

Posted Sep 15 2009 4:45pm
My original Starting Weight: 299

SHSC Starting weight: 268
Last week: 258
Current: 254.5
Loss this week: 3.5 lb
total loss: 13.5 lb

It's been a great week, a loss of 3.5 is very good but since I weigh myself almost daily it takes out the fun so to speak because I weighed 256 last week then by the weigh in I was 258 so to be at 254.5 is still a loss but I don't know it just seems to be blah. That's ungratefulness at it's finest isn't it? Now had I gained then it would have been a major big deal, I'd feel all sorts of negative emotions towards myself and I'd start to feel guilty etc., therefore I will choose to be grateful for the loss of 3.5 pounds and perhaps I will try to control my daily weigh ins.

I went shopping with hubby last week and bought a size 18 goal pants, a beautiful pair of jeans that promise to slim my tummy while wearing them. I also bought a size 20 and they fit but tightly (I'll try them on again today). I tried on the size 18 in front of hubby, it wasn't a pretty sight but my point was to show him so that when they do fit (next month) he will see my progress, not that he hasn't but this is a downright obvious shift once it's attained.

Speaking of hubby, he's cheating on the diet a lot though he works physically hard everyday he must walk 3-5 miles a day for his job if not way more. So at night when he comes home (he works 2nd shift) he's hungry. I've started to give him 2 whole wheat toast w/apple sauce. I try to explain to the hungry bear that midnight is not supposed to mean a full meal, a snack is acceptable. It doesn't seem to be slowing down his weight loss (lucky b@stard) but still, he'd lose more and faster if it not for his need for a midnight snack. Any suggestions on how I can keep him satisfied without blowing his "diet".

We had a party on Saturday, a huge BBQ for our friends, I did well, I had a hamburger (white bun) and that was all. Come Sunday we had another BBQ but only for us and on that day I mowed part of the farm with a push mower, did a lot of walking etc and had 2 hamburgers, I was starving but I did not eat anything else after that. That was the first time I ate 2 of anything since being on the plan but I swear to you I was famished.

I want to thank you all for your support and feedback, what a great lot of friends I have, I'm truly blessed. I will be making the rounds today, reading, commenting and saying hello!

Thanks again!

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