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SHSC Week 4 Update!

Posted Sep 15 2009 4:45pm
Starting weight: 268
Week 3 weight: 258
Amount lost/gained THIS week: -2

So I lost another pound of that dreadful chili/salt/period weight. If I keep this up I'll have a good loss next week because my period will be over, I've been exercising on the HealthRider and I'm feeling good physically, more active and such. Today I will do a 20 minute walking video and play a bit with my puppy girl in spite of the rain, work, get some chores done and life should be good.

I'm sensitive today, I'm trying to control my feelings a bit, I'm defensive and easily hurt. I'm tired and have tons to do, I need to go back and do the flylady system with my 15 minute timer, I bet I'll get more done.

Have I ever mentioned that my legs/thighs hurt every single day when I wake up. I think my bed is doing this, I think it's too hard but the weird part is I'll sleep on my right side and the left side hurts??? What's that about. The pain goes away as I wake up and walk around for the most part, some days it takes a bit longer but once I'm up and moving I'm usually ok within the hour. The pain is so bad sometimes I could cry. I think its because the bed is on the floor (on a box spring on the floor) I thought for sure once I started losing some poundage that it would hurt less but it doesn't. I'm evening wondering if it isn't my back that hurts and somehow makes it feel like it's my legs.

I just ate whole wheat bread (toasted) with smart balance butter/margarine with some applesauce for breakfast. My grandmother used to eat that and I just introduced it to hubby who loves it too. On SBD I think I'm only allowed applesauce once a week, I'm going to recheck this information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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