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Shrinking stomach

Posted by Lara I.

My grandmother always used to say that if you eat less, or eat smaller meals, your stomach will "shrink". I've kind of noticed this appetite does change when I eat less, it seems I suddenly need less...does anyone else have this happen? Do you know what's really going on when that happens?
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It's a muscle. Your stomach is a muscular organ. Like a muscle it can stretch out or shorten. I'd imagine it's like your hamstring muscles. If they stay short for awhile and you don't stretch them out. It takes awhile before you can get them lengthened out again with some diligent stretching exercises. It would make sense that your stomach works the same way.
Good shrinking..... A shrinking stomach is something that makes me happy, and helps me realize that I'm on my way to reaching my goal for weight loss/decreased calorie intake/etc. It's better than the other kind of shrinking I could have to worry about, though more in the future-like my height.... I wonder if that whole idea is true?
I Have a Small Stomach. If I go to a restaurant than usually I can only eat half of the portions they place in front of me. I figure I could stuff myself and get my stomach used to more food but what's the point? I will eat half and then take the rest home in a doggie bag for lunch the next day.
Cut out the carbs and eat less. I find that carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and potatoes make you so much more hungry. Cut those out and you might find that you really see your stomach "shrink" as grandma puts it.
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