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Shopping... glorious shopping!

Posted Jan 31 2010 12:00am
If you're wondering where I've been the past few days, I forgot to mention that I was doing my Nutrition and Wellness Specialist Course this weekend. I've learned a lot of new exciting things as it pertains to nutrition and over the next week or perhaps two I will be doing a little bit of experimenting (more about this later).

First, let me get to that shopping trip I was supposed to update you guys on. So last week I threw on a pair of dress pants and headed out to a College Fair for students looking to pursue degree options post graduation. I must have been tres tired because I didn't realize just how hideous my pants looked on me 2-3 sizes too big. When I got home and took off my belt I noticed that I could pull my pants down without having to undo them and without any wiggling... um time for them to go into the blue recycling bag for the clothing swap!

I hustled my tush to the mall after the fair and was delighted to find out that I am down another size! I am 1 size away from my goal of being a single digit size! Here are me in my new size 10 pants! (and yes I will always have hips even at my smallest weight)

Oh and the top I have on with the brown pants...

Size 4! I know sizing is subjective because different stores make different sizes but please note that I am comparing the sizes of what I was previously to that which I am now. Considering I was a size 12 shirt I am pretty elated to fit into a 4 although I'm pretty sure I'm more of a 6 when it comes to shirts.

I ended up walking out with 2 pairs of pants... the brown ones and another pair of "plaid(ish)" ones not pictured.

I also picked up a pair of jeans from American Eagle (one of my favourite stores), it's funny because at my heaviest I could no longer fit into any of their jeans so picking up a pair that fit was delightful!

Okay well I am pooped... I was in the course Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday all day.

More about my experiment in the coming days...

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