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shocked into action?

Posted by Cate D.

Today i had my annual physical - which was overdue. Stepping on the scale at the doctor's office is always not a great experience. Especially today. Turns out, i weigh 7 pounds more than i thought i did! So now, saying i want to lose 10 pounds only brings me back to what i thought was my starting point. I was so depressed all i wanted to do was come home and eat chocolate. Which i did.

Then i put on my exercise clothes and excercised for 40 minutes. It feels as though today's experience is the wake-up call. But i know i have trouble making this commitment to myself.

So my friend and i decided to put a plan into action. We are going to call each other every morning - EARLY, to kick-off our daily excercise. I'm not great at getting up early, but years ago we did this; got up early and met at our health club. Making the comittment to meet someone was a strong motivator - and it worked. We were in pretty good shape then. But we also were not working mom's or home owner's then.

wish us luck!

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It's so much easier to work out with a buddy. I've done it before and it really works. We'd show up just so we wouldn't let the other person down. Keep up posted on your progress.
Today was day 1. we got started at 6:30am. That was EARLY!
Good luck Cate! I totally agree that having someone there waiting for you makes the difference. I got on a morning kick for awhile and it was great, once I got used to it, didn't mind waking up, plus I felt better all day long.

Just wanted to let you know that my friend and I have been very diligent about this. We've only missed one day each so far, even though it's cold and dark early in the morning! I don't believe I've lost any weight yet (I need a scale that's accurate), but I feel better about the effort. My workout is a mix of yoga & pilates which is a challenge. But I feel stronger already.

Thanks for your comments. I recommend this buddy system.

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