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Shedding the pounds

Posted Mar 18 2008 3:55pm 3 Comments
Finally, I am seeing the progress of the hard work! Yahoo!
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Great! But don't be discouraged when you can't see the changes. It's hard to see the changes ourselves because we look at ourselves everyday. Have you ever noticed when you don't see someone for a while, it's really easy to tell if they have gained/lost weight? Same principle, but when you see someone (or yourself everyday) small changes aren't always noticeable. I follow my progress by how my cloths fit. Good luck!

Thank you Larisa. You are absolutely right! I will keep, keeping on! Thanks for the encouragement.
Good for you! I agree, sometimes it takes a while to see the results. Unfortunately (for me) sometimes this works both ways and I get thicker before I know it!
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