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Shed for the Holidays: Pimp My Kitchen

Posted Dec 18 2009 4:57am
[I was planning to post this on Wednesday along with my fitness gift guide, but then I got SO carried away — cause I love gifting THAT much — I had to break it into two posts.}

This year, I asked for a bunch of kitchen gadgets. I wasn’t super-specific, but I basically told my mom, “You know that gleam I get in my eye when I go into Bed, Bath, and Beyond? I want you to get that, and fill my stocking with whatever strikes your fancy.” Do you need a bunch of gadgets to cook? Nope. But gadgets can get people super excited to cook! (I know…like I really need to be more excited.) Whether it’s you, or your mom, or your BFF who just got her own place, cool fun stuff for the kitchen is just so fun! Sooo…if you know that person who gets wet panties upon seeing the Bed, Bath, & Beyond catalog and thinks, “God, I would marry the shittiest guy right this moment just so I could register for that chef’s knife!”…these are the gifts for her.

Basically, I’m obsessed with the entire Stocking Stuffers section at Sur La Table! (PS their gift guides are super user-friendly.) I love it all, but the rainbow whisk is a must-have for your two dads, and I have the biggest boner for the cheese slicer! Basically you can slice any cheese super-thin for sandwiches…meaning PEACE OUT, KRAFT SINGLES.

Also on my list this year is a lemon zester, a citrus juicer (good to pair those two together), an olive oil mister (good with a nice bottle of EVOO!), and a cute retro-chic kitchen timer (like this one). Oh and if you’re interested, you can check out my reviews of my favorite things that I 100 percent recommend and can’t live without….the Magic Bullet, the OXO salad chopper, the pineapple slicer, the cute omelet pan, and the KitchenAid mixer. Honestly, I would buy a Magic Bullet for anyone and everyone!

Drinkware is always useful, and we’re still young enough that we don’t have a million hideous mugs. The “I am not a paper cup” mug debuted last year, but I still like it! The silicone lid is nice because if you drink coffee at your desk or move around your office a lot, it’s actually nice to have something spill-proof.

I gave it to my super-chic boss who drank Starbucks green tea all day. (With a box of the ‘bux bags.) And for the ramen-loving cutie, I like this guy!

(Definitely gift with this year’s must-gift cookbook Momofuku, which I checked out because of the hype and didn’t expect to like. I am about halfway through and will say, yep….I get it now.) has a lot of fun things for gifting! It’s bright and colorful, which I love. They have a really cool cheese knife set. If your gal is an avid grocery shopper, why not get her a set of eco-friendly reusable totes? Three bags is the perfect amount for the single girl.

Speaking of single girls (and boys), have you seen the disposable hip flask yet?! Where was this when I was 20 years old? Actually I still could use one now…

But I think this flask from Urban is actually more my style!

With kitchen stuff, I think it’s always a good idea to put it in something useful, like a pot, serving dish, or cute colander. You can almost always buy them at the dollar store and they are a hell of a lot less wasteful than a stupid bag.

And who needs a bow? Tie on some cute measuring spoons, you know?

OK, I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. One week till Christmas. GET ON IT!

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