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Sharon Stone’s Age Defying GI Diet

Posted Dec 30 2012 2:47pm

It’s been a long time since Sharon Stone was the young woman she’ll be remembered for in Basic Instinct.  But even though she’s now nearing 55 years old, you would never know by looking at her.  For the last 10 years, she’s been following a strict carbohydrate diet called the GI Diet, developed by Canadian dietitian Rick Gallop.

A health scare in 2001 put Sharon on the right track to finally incorporating a healthy diet into her life. Extreme exercising and dieting caused Sharon to suffer a brain hemorrhage, which she was able to recover from 100%. Here’s everything you need to know about this age-defying diet that gets the nod of approval by most dietitians, and keeps Sharon looking great and healthy.

How it works

The notion of GI diet is one you’ve probably heard of before.  It’s all about low sugars and healthy carbs.  The theory is that low GI Foods, which are recommended on this diet, slowly release energy into the body. Also, low-glycemic index carbohydrates are low in sugar, which help prevent Sharon from having unhealthy food cravings (they keep her blood sugar levels stable helping her feel fuller longer). Also, low GI carbohydrates are good because they make it harder for calories to be stored as fat.

Sharon had to place all white bread, white rice, and other high in GI carbs with lower GI carbs, such as a whole meal, brown bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta as much as she possibly could.  This also meant she had to cut out all sugary cakes, biscuits, candy, cereal and juices. She did however allow herself to eat a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner, which is allowed on this diet.

And to go along with the low GI carbs she was eating, Sharon make sure to pair it with lean proteins, fats and plenty of fruits and vegetables, to make it a balanced diet. In addition, caffeine and almost all alcohol had to be removed from Sharon’s diet to get the best effect possible (she still drinks 1 glass of red wine at dinner).

How to do it

Being an actress in Hollywood for years, it’s been easy for Sharon to stay on this strict diet. One of the great things about this diet, despite it being strict in the carbohydrate department, is that Sharon only had to eat three times a day. And the not very easy part, she didn’t allow herself to snack in between meals.

In the morning, instead of having coffee, Sharon would have herbal tea and fresh fruit. On other days of the week, she’ll have porridge with some skim milk and blueberries, fruit salad with low-fat yogurt and chopped nuts, wheat toast with a poached egg and a tomato or a banana smoothie with two oat cakes spread with peanut butter.

For lunch, Sharon would have either vegetable soup with a whole grain roll, cottage cheese would spring onions on a baked potato (the cottage cheese replaces the butter), tuna salad with olive oil dressing, salsa and chicken with canned beans and a salad or whole wheat toast with sardines.

And for dinner, she would have healthy food again, such as grilled chicken with an oven roasted vegetable with lemon couscous, salmon with vegetables, grilled lamb with a baked sweet potato or a lean steak with a mixed bean salad. Sharon would reference a list of low GI foods and experiment with different meal ideas, but always making sure she followed the basic rules of the diet.

Getting old is never fun, but it seems Sharon Stone has his found one of the best ways to age beautifully.

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