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Share Your Light Bulb Moment

Posted by Lela D.

Unless you've been fit and healthy all your life (and had to work at it) likely there was a moment, an event, or series of them that made you decide to get serious about your health. For some it is a magic number on the scale, a certain pair of jeans that don't fit anymore, or a particularly unkind mirror. For me, once I had kids and all the responsibilities that come with them, I needed good health for energy's sake! You can't keep up with little people on poor nutrition. It's hard to chase babies with an extra twenty hanging on to your hips. Plus, we want to set a good example for kids. And I want to be around for a really long time to watch them. For others it may be a negative role model. An unhealthy friend or family member can provide a strong incentive to change your ways. Maybe a milestone event has you wanting to look great. Class reunion coming up soon? So what's your story? What flipped the switch for you?
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