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Sex and Burning Calories

Posted by ABC

I am wondering if somewho who used to have sex all the time can actually gain weight from not having sex at all. I'm not talking about a little weight within year, I'm talking about 30 pounds in a couple months. I have heard this is true, especially for men. What do you think??
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Hey :)   According to Columbia University, the average 175lb person burns around 150 to 200 calories during 30-40 minutes of sex.   If you are quicker or take longer then you do the math :)   If my math is correct, then in order to gain 30 pounds in 2 months after stopping sex, that means prior to stopping you were having sex at least 30 minutes at a time 12 times per day every day.  By stopping, those calories burned were then calories stored.    It sounds like something else is going on.  Maybe there has been lack of activity in other areas of your life, and maybe you are eating a little more at the same time.
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