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Seven High Protein Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Posted Jan 25 2012 8:58am

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I watched a video presentation recently on You Tube and there was a weight loss tip which I hadn’t come across before, and it revolves around having 35g of protein upon waking. So here are seven breakfasts that you can eat and will give you 35g of protein, each morning.

1. Boiled Eggs, with Bread, four soft boiled eggs/hard-boiled, with two slices of wholemeal bread. Roughly, you will get 24 g of protein from the eggs and the wholemeal bread has 4 g of protein per slice which adds up to 32 g of protein, which is near enough.

2. Baked Beans Wholemeal Bread and an Egg, one large tin of baked beans, which is 22.8g of protein, and two slices of wholemeal bread, which will give you 8g of protein and one poached or soft or hard boiled egg , which will give you roughly 6g of protein.

3. Egg, Ham, and Cheese Whole Wheat English Muffin and Grapes, scramble two thirds of a cup of egg substitute and put on top of a whole wheat toasted English muffin top it with 1 ounce of extra lean ham and some American cheese and have it with a side of grapes. This will provide you with 35g of protein.

4. Six, Egg Omelette with Mushrooms, the eggs will give you 36g of protein. The mushrooms are there just to add a bit more variety to it.

5. Mexican Egg and Shrimp Pita with Peach, scramble, one third cup of egg substitute mix in 2 ounces of prepaid shrimp and put this in a wholemeal pitta bread topped with 2 ounces of low-fat shredded cheese, two tablespoon each of salsa with low-fat sour cream and serve with a large peach. This will provide you with 39g of protein.

6. Sausage and Rice Scramble with Greek Yogurt and Kiwi, scramble two thirds of a cup of egg substitute. Combine this with half a cup of brown rice and a ounce of pork sausage. Serve this with some plain Greek yoghurt and some fresh kiwifruit. This will provide you with 37g of protein.

7. Vegetarian Sausages with Beans and Egg, have two vegetarian sausages with one small tin of beans and one poached egg. This will provide you with 38g of protein.

If there are any ideas you have for high-protein breakfasts, then please feel free to add your input in the relevant section below.



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