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Setting Your Weight Loss Goal—What Works and What Doesn’t Work

Posted Jun 24 2014 11:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

How often have you heard that setting unrealistic weight loss goals will lead to frustration and disappointment, and worse still, quitting your weight loss regimen altogether? Well, you might think then that having weight loss goals that are smaller and within reach would be the thing to do. Not true. There is a twenty-five-year-old research study that says a lower weight loss goal is not the answer either.

What do women who have successful permanent weight loss do to break this goal-setting conundrum? They certainly have weight loss goals. But they have other goals as well that take into account the personal, emotional reasons they gained weight and are maintaining the weight. This is the way around the setting weight loss goals conundrum. Don’t rely solely on the goal of how many pounds you want to shed. Put your goal-setting ability to work on the critical issues that keep your weight right where it is and are the real cause of your difficulty losing weight.


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