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Set your weight loss goal to make honest mistakes

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:56am

by Maria's Last Diet

When you go on a weight loss diet plan and somewhere along the line you blow it, it's always unsettling. It might feel like a sudden catastrophe, you may throw up your arms in despair and think "I'll never be able to do it."

It's o.k. to feel that way. It's human, understandable. You bet on yourself and your strength of determination. Now it feels like you've let yourself down. Again.

That's a terrible feeling. So what swings down from the heavens to save you? Who can get you out of this mess, dust you off and get you up on your feet again?

You can. You yourself.

The trick, the whole trick, is to remember that you have done this because you are not perfect. You have slipped, fallen off, cheated, made a mistake, whatever you want to call it, because that's the way things go. No one, absolutely no one accomplishes anything worthwhile without making mistakes.

Those who achieve their  diet and weight loss goals in the end, do so because they accept their mistakes and go on to learn all they can from their mistakes and missteps. They use this new learning to make adjustments, revisions, new parts to a plan.

Armed with even more skill than they had before they cheated, they get right back to their weight loss challenge. This is a good formula for success in all important endeavors. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. So please keep this diet tip in mind.

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