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Set Lots of Goals to Reduce Your Weight. What Do You Have to Lose?

Posted Feb 08 2013 5:00am

You set your goal: Lose that damn weight already.

You got specific and indicated the number of pounds you want to lose.

You got even more specific and said that you want to lose about an average amount of weight each week. You set your weekly goal at 1 to 1 ½ pounds per week, because you know that’s the average weight loss per week.

You back up your weight-loss goal of number of pounds lost with an equivalent goal of dropping three pants sizes because you realize that pounds don’t always get lost the way you wish they would.

Since you know pounds don’t get lost in such a linear fashion as 1 to 1 ½ pounds per week, you develop some other goals for yourself besides pounds and pant size.

Some other goals:

  • Identify every instance of eating when not hungry. See why you did it and do something about it
  • Identify each time you emotionally eat, see why, plan what to do about it, and try out your plan
  • Use a weight-loss diet plan to guide your daily choice of foods and monitor your adherence to the weight-loss diet plan
  • Learn one new thing each week that will help you through the weight-loss process (examples: how to surmount weight-loss obstacles, how to persist in the face of setbacks, how to set small, achievable sub-goals)

Setting a variety of specific goals is the way to insure a continuing feeling of success despite the fact that you might not be making weight-loss progress from time to time on one or more of your goals.

Can you think of some other goals you might set for yourself, just for insurance sake?


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