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Seriously... I'm having issues today.

Posted Jun 01 2010 12:00am
I'm trying to get a love affair going with dear old H2O... Water, that is... hehe   It has had it's ups and down today.   I'm over halfway done with my 32 oz Weight Watchers mega mug... but a good 2-3 oz. of it is on my shirt... and on my jeans.. because apparently there is a gigantic hole in my mouth today.  
Yep, it's one of those days.    I'm FREEZING now because I love my water to be super duper cold, with lots of ice.       AHH!!!!!

So, beyond freezing and drinking, things are going well.  Work is busy, but not making me insane.  Insanity begins next week!
I only have 11 more work days (not counting today) until my vacation.   Then, I have ELEVEN full days off of work....  7 of which are work days...   I can't wait!  My mom is going to watch the pups and the cats. I hope she can handle Seth.. he's got so much energy that I wonder if I can handle him.   I brought her over on Sunday so she could meet him and he was as calm as could be.   He took a few long naps and was an angel...  SOOO not like him! HA!   So now my mom thinks she has a calming effect on little creatures... I hope she's right! :)

I've never been to Orlando before. Can anyone give me some ideas of things to do, just in case?
I know we're going to the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios, Disney World.   I've also told his sister that I want to go to H&M and get my shopping fix since we don't have that store here.. boo!    Beyond that, I'm not completely sure what's going on.  John's sister lives there and we're staying with her.  His uncle and family are also coming out so it will be a lot of fun.  I've never met his sister's family but I met his uncle and his family on John's birthday last year.

Anyway, I'm rambling bigtime today!!!!   EEEEK!

Back to work for me...  I'll touch base with you all tomorrow of course!
Laurie :)
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