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September Wrap Up

Posted Oct 01 2012 7:16pm

On to a new month and fully into fall now.  I love the month of October.  Not sure why.  Maybe the fall colors, cool weather, pumpkins, football… oh, and candy corn!

So, here is what I wanted to accomplish in September.

1. Lose 4 pounds.  I lost 2, which I am pretty pleased about.  I didn’t actually do that great sticking with my 1500 calorie budget. Imagine what progress I would have made if I had actually  done that LOL.  But, I didn’t whine about it, which was also a goal.

2. Do jog/walk intervals.  I have been doing these.  I ended up downloading C25K podcasts and have been following those again. I am still up in the air about how I feel about it, but then again, the run segments haven’t been long enough to cause too many issues with my leg.

3.  Get started on the laminate floors in for the downstairs!  Yep – we started these and are about halfway done. I am loving them already.  I haven’t kissed the floors yet, but I just might.

4. Read 3 books in September.  Done!

I did really well this month with those goals.  The 3 books I read in order of enjoyment.

Great Gatsby

Water for Elephants

War Brides.

The funny thing is that I picked period books almost from the same time period!  Gatsby is set in the Depression era, as is Water for Elephants. War brides was set in the late 1930s and 40s.

I reviewed the other two books here .  War Brides is basically the story of 5 women from different backgrounds and countries whose lives intertwine with the war.  The author really brought the story very much to life of what it was like liking in wartime Europe.  Kudos to her for good research.  The ending of the book seemed a bit rushed, though, which felt odd.  Overall a good read once I got into it.  It took a while for the 5 stories to come together.

Tomorrow will be October goals, one of which includes the pink picture for breast cancer awareness!  Like this:

My knockout rose.  Now click the link to help fund free breast cancer screenings for those in need. The more clicks they get, the more funding they get.  Free to you to do, so click as many times as you like!

The Breast Cancer Site


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