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#selfacceptance at #fitbloggin*

Posted Sep 24 2012 5:14pm

This is the face of self-acceptance. Click it to make it bigger.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 5 billion times: self-acceptance is a process, and as much as I have practiced, it never ceases to amaze me when I catch myself in the moment of learning a new self-acceptance lesson.

That photo was taken at Fitbloggin . I was out for dinner with my Self-Acceptance & Weight Loss  session co-facilitators Mara and Shauna , as well as my forever Fitbloggin roommate Susan (aka FoodieMcBody), Carla (aka Mizfit Online), Jack (as in Sht) , Denise , Sarah , and Hope .

It was one of those random, seemingly insignificant moments that all of a sudden became a huge turning point. When I initially saw the photo (on Twitter) I was horrified because of how I looked in it. I jokingly (not really) said to Denise, who took the photo, something along the lines of “Oh my God…what a horrible photo! You have to take it down.”

I have always been SUPER sensitive about how I appear in photos and would never post what I would consider to be an unflattering image of myself. I have made my husband take repeated photos in order to get the best possible angle/lighting/distance to make me look as thin/young/pretty as possible.

But then I started showing the photo to others and was actually having a good laugh over it. It was freeing. And I realized that another chink in my resistance armor had fallen away.

Here’s another photo I probably never would have shared before now.

Roomie Susan and I were laughing hysterically when we put these skin-tight one-size-fits-all(?) tops on over our sleep t-shirts. I would have been afraid to put the shirt on in front of someone, let alone take a photo of me in it! (The “Be Epic” and “Sweat Like a Pig, Look Like A Fox!” tanks were provided by Puravit Body ).


Some people might describe Fitbloggin as an opportunity to learn the business of blogging or the chance to try something new fitness- or product-wise , but in the three years since its inception, I have come to see this event as the ultimate exercise in self-acceptance.

For sure, it is those other things, too, but what underpins the event is the empowerment that happens when people stand in their own truth and own who they are – whether they’ve lost weight or gained it – for everyone else to see. Fitbloggin allows that to happen organically; it provides a space for people to stretch and grow and connect with others who feel the very same way.

I am super grateful to Fitbloggin founder and organizer  Roni  for giving Mara, Shauna, and I the chance to facilitate the discussion about self-acceptance and weight loss because I know it’s not a “sexy” topic…in fact, it can be downright scary.

An equally powerful discussion occurred the next day when Tara and Meegan  facilitated a discussion called “When You Have A Lot To Lose” (and the two of them had a lot to lose!) It’s worth checking out the transcript and following those who participated, particularly Alan , Sean , Kenlie , Dawn , Nikki , Robby , and Christine .

I could go on and on, and there are more fabulous bloggers listed in the transcript, so check them out. I am sure you’ll find someone with whom you can relate.

And finally, Mara, Shauna and I have a gift for you. Self-Acceptance 101 is a gorgeous, free eBook in which the three of us answer the questions we posed during the discussion at Fitbloggin. We hope you find some peace for yourself in our words.

*for more Fitbloggin news, search #fitbloggin on Twitter .


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