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Self-Control When It Comes to Dieting and Losing the Weight

Posted Jan 13 2010 2:00am

by Maria's Last Diet


What do you do when it comes to exerting self-control? Do you have what it takes when you need it? If you don’t, what can you do about it?

A recent psychological study reported in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology is entitled “Building Self-Control Strength: Practicing Self-control Leads to Improved Self-control Performance”.

What the study shows is that if you practice small acts of inhibiting your feelings, behavior, and urges, this in itself will increase your ability to exert self-control. What you choose to exert self-control over is not as important as the amount of inhibitory effort you exert. For example, you could vigorously practice denying yourself a piece of chocolate when you have the urge to buy one. You could just as vigorously practice your self-control when it comes to waiting until the last minute or having to have the last word. All of these different acts of self-control practiced vigorously will increase your ability to exert self-control in general.

Self-control may be the most important ingredient you’re missing when it comes to dieting and losing the weight. And the research shows “…it is possible to strengthen the self-control muscle through exercise…”


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