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Self Control in You, Not the Diet

Posted Jun 02 2009 3:32pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

In order to gain enough self-control to handle problem eating, you need to be able to see yourself as having the ability to change. You can use a weight-loss diet, but if you rely on the diet to act on you, instead of you acting to make the diet work, you will have a small-to-none chance of developing real self-control.

If you see any sort of external power - like a weight-loss diet - as doing the weight-loss work for you, you' ll be less successful at losing weight.

Life is a series of ever-changing situations. You need to develop in your own self a sense of control that you can carry forth into these varied up-and-down situations of life.

How do you internalize this power of self-control? The most important way is to view all that you need to do to lose weight as a process over time. The process will involve many changes in you - changes in habits and ways of thinking. This is what helps you develop a core ability with regard to self-control.

So, you start on a weight-loss diet, an important first step. Then comes the trip, the journey to your weight-loss goal. It involves dealing with mixed feelings - wanting to change, wanting to keep your old ways. It involves developing awareness of what your eating/weight problem steals from your life. It involves developing strategies to cope with obstacles. It involves developing ways to deal with doubts. It involves making painful slips, and recovering your sense of purpose. It involves tuning up your awareness of denials and rationalizations. It is a journey, a journey of the self.

A weight-loss diet is merely a tool, one among many to use for the successful weight-loss journey. Each step you take will increase your confidence, and strengthen your self-control.

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