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Self-Confidence Affects Your Ability to Lose the Weight

Posted Jun 04 2009 11:20pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Here' s something to think about: According to some theorists in the field of human behavior, motivation and personal accomplishment are more a result of what a person believes than what is true objectively.

In other words, what you believe you' re capable of helps determine what you will actually achieve. This is not the only thing that influences your ability to achieve, but it is a very important factor. You might call it self-confidence, the belief you have in yourself and your capabilities.

How does this relate to losing weight? Well, first of all you need to feel that you are competent enough to take the actions you need to take to lose weight. If you feel capable, it will help determine how much effort you put into it, and how much you will persevere when you encounter obstacles. Having confidence in your ability will help you maintain a strong commitment to your weight-loss goal.

OK. Here' s the big question. How do you get the self-confidence you need? A good way is to sharpen up your weight-loss skills. It' s "skillpower" that builds confidence.

What are these mysterious weight-loss skills?

Here are 10 important ones.

  The ability to

  1. handle your feelings without using excess food
  2. forgive yourself for having a slip
  3. get back on your weight-loss plan after you fall off
  4. confront issues that cause your eating problems
  5. be patient and allow for whatever time it takes
  6. anticipate beforehand your high-risk eating situations
  7. plan out your strategy for dealing with these situation
  8. be flexible and alter your plans when necessary
  9. ask for help and support when you need it
  10. acknowledge and reward the steps you take on the way to your weight-loss goal

These are essential weight-loss skills. Practice until you feel confident, and you' ll be much more likely to achieve the weight loss you' re after.

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