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Second Week Of Step Challenge

Posted Apr 27 2010 11:12pm
Well week 2 of the challenge is now over. I'm going to list here what I have so far. If you have numbers for this week you can still get them into me and I will update this post.

What I have so far:

skinnyhollie - Hollie is doing a non-official personal minutes challenge so I will continue to post her improvements weekly so she can stay motivated. Week 1 was 4 days and 130 mins and week two was 105 mins over 3 days so that is actually a daily improvement of 2.5 mins if you average the days. Way to go Hollie. Also this week Hollie has been working on project healthy family (think she calls it something else) and has been packing lunches for her kids and only having healthy foods in the house. Double way to go on this Hollie since I know how hard it can be.

spunkysuzi - 10924 average steps first week and 10840 average steps last week. Beautiful flower and walking pictures as always. I love that it's Spring time finally. Way to go on your goals for the week and getting in all those steps. You're doing a great job keeping up with all that walking. I need lessons from you *smile*. You talk about getting a walk in EVERYDAY, I need to work on that. Great job Suzi.

Sandra - 10823 average steps first week and 8685 average steps last week. Love reading about all your walks and C25K. Sometimes I wish I had a Katie to walk with *smile*. Hope your hip is feeling better and good luck at the gym tonight on your own. Great job Sandra.

Blue - 5021 average steps first week. Blue had some medical issues last week with dizziness so she just got back to the walking today. Way to go Blue. Hope you continue to have a bounce in your step from the new shoes. I know when I got my first good pair of shoes I called them my walking shoes and they sure made me feel like I had a bounce in my step too. Loved your post on goal setting this week too. Keep up the great work.

Gofer - 5152 average steps first week and 5954 last week. Great job upping your steps Gofer. I loved reading about your bike ride with your hubby, makes me want to go get a bike too. Wish there was a place for the kids and I to ride one that wasn't on the road. Maybe it's time for a camping trip down the road. Anyway, great job.

Shane - 8912 average steps first week. Hope to see your new count for last week after such a great first week. Read your blog and great job on the workouts.

MaryFran - 6360 average steps first week. MaryFran had a medical thing happen last week too so she was unable to exercise for several days. If you are still wearing your pedometer MaryFran please give me next weeks number. The challenge was that if you missed more than 2 days that week didn't count but it doesn't mean you are out of the challenge. So keep on running and walking and counting those steps.

Single Sassy and Saved - 14375 average steps first week and 12492 last week. Great numbers HerBrina! Loved reading your confessions this week I could SOOO identify with a lot of them. Enjoyed listening to your video too. Way to go on your 2 lbs gone forever. You are just doing terrific.

The TOPS Lady - 7998 average steps first week and 8514 last week. Great improvement this week Amy. Sorry I confused you with my recent posts I should have thought about that and worded myself better lol. Keep up the great work.

Dutch - 6697 average steps first week and 9623 last week. Great job on another lose this week, 31.6 lbs is just terrific. Sounds like things are busy busy for you the next week or two but should be lots of fun with your party and all. Hope you had a good time meeting your new nephew. Keep up the great work on all those steps, great improvement this week.

Steph - 10563 average steps first week and 10809 steps last week. You are doing great with your steps Steph. Hope you have a great time out with the girls for your Birthday. Way to go on the 1.5 lb loss. Great pictures this week Steph, loved seeing the UK even in the rain. Keep up the great work.

Me - 6318 average steps first week and 6330 steps last week. Not the number I wanted to see but I'll take it. I think I need to work more on walking EVERYDAY at least a little bit to improve my overall average.

If I am missing anyone please just let me know. I know the people that aren't in the challenge are still doing well pursuing their healthy lifestyles and getting in that exercise. I know sometimes adding something extra is just to much work and I do understand. I'm still reading your blogs though and rooting you on (hear that Dana, Katie, Trina, Wrightfamily, Wendy, Lainey and thefifthsparrow).

As for me, I'm hanging in there. Working on the medical stuff. Went this morning for my fasting blood test. The doctor also had a note in my chart that she wants me to have a cat scan which I was going to ask for anyway. So I feel like I'm moving forward in making sure I'm ok and if not doing the things I need to sort it out.

Since I've been laying off the long weight training workouts the stomach is feeling better. I was able to run 30 mins on the treadmill last night and walk/jog 2.5 miles tonight. The running is making my ankle hurt a little but so far I'm feeling pretty good. I really would love to run the 5K in June with Kevin if at all possible.

Well as for Kevin he is now thinking of the Navy instead of the Marines. My next door neighbor's son is a Navy recruiter and it sounds like a much better deal for Kevin to join the Navy instead. So who knows how it will all turn out. I'm just doing my best to stay calm which is not always easy for me to do. Tonight when I got home from work I found myself going on at him about it all. I finally just kicked my own butt out the door for a walk so I wouldn't have to hear myself talk anymore lol.

Tomorrow is my final therapy session. To say final sounds scary to me. He has told me I can call and talk if ever need be but he is retiring. I feel sad about not seeing him anymore. He has been in and out of my life for over 6 yrs now helping me and Kevin. I think he has played a key role in where I am today. I hope tomorrow I can convey that to him without being a blubbering mess. Yesterday I went shopping for a gift. I decided on a painting. It's of a chair sitting out on a sand bar. The sand bar looks almost like the one that he can see from his office window (his office is at his house). It says "Sand Bar Hopping" and I thought it was perfect. I need to stop writing about this before I'm crying. I will miss him for sure.

I also go tomorrow and get a perm in my hair. From my before pictures you can see that was the norm for me. I've been missing the curly hair and wondering what it will look like on my skinnier face. I figure if I totally hate it I can always wash it quickly so it will fall out. I'm hoping though I will like it and so will everyone else. I just want to try something new.

I went to bed at 8 tonight so here I sit at 2 in the morning unable to sleep. As long as I stay out of the kitchen I should be fine. I think after I post this I will try to go back to bed. I've been feeling really tired the past several days and the scale has been up. I'm thinking that TTOM is coming.

I thought I had more to write about but I guess not.

Till next time...
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