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Second Day of Running not as Exciting As First Day

Posted Sep 08 2011 2:54pm
Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles with little discomfort and absolutely no pain afterwards.  On Tuesday morning I did the exact same jog, however this time I noticed a little more pain during the run, and for the rest of the day it hurt to walk.  It didn't hurt a lot (Maybe a 2 on the 1-10 scale), but enough to take notice of the fact that I need to take a break.  Unfortunately, while the I purchased for $50 was very good at keeping my ankle straight, as a result of it having a plastic bottom, it made it unusable to run in.  So, good for healing, not so good for getting back on the saddle, or road as it were.

I have ordered the and hope that it not only can keep my ankle as secure as the plastic one, but also make it easy to run in.  I will of course give a full review after I use it.  I apologize for the semi-difficult names of the braces, however clicking on the link will show you exactly which ones I used.  I do not plan to run on Wednesday as I can sense another non-brace run could keep me sidelined much, much longer.

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