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Searching For Lose Weight Fast, Hoodia Weight Loss Pill Is For You

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:47pm

If you determined to choose to get hoodia pill, make sure you have realistic expectations about what will really be necessary to lose weight. Through lots of media, Hoodia supplements is frequently promoted as a magic bullet solution. “Lose weight almost like bullet!” But in reality, it isn’t magic, and weight loss isn’t really automatic.

By taking hoodia is not a license to eat. If you keep eating like you always have, you are most likely going to gain weight. Hoodia doesn’t change the laws of physics. What it does is control your hunger, allowing you to take control over your eating .

The only way you’re going to shed weight is to eat less then you normally does. Hoodia weight loss pills, huge enough doses, may give you the tool to do that, escaping you from the hunger pangs. But hoodia pill can’t control your arms, your mouth and your tongue. If you keep on eating, you just going to be fat, plain and simple.

Besides that, hoodia products isn’t going to get you into shape. If you really want to drop off the extra pounds, the best thing you can do for your body is buildup your resting metabolism. And the number one way to do that is to add some lean muscle mass to your body by engaging in cardiovascular exercise such as running, jogging, and so on .

Just because the people in the hoodia study sat on their butts and still shed weight doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it. I call for you go do something while having Hoodia extract. With your hunger turned down and your metabolism turned up, you just might find yourself burning 1500 calories a day or more, causing even more extreme weight loss!

Hoodia pill does help suppress your appetite, but there are many caveats, as you’ll see below. The dosage of hoodia supplement necessary to truly suppress my appetite was far, far larger than the dosages claimed by many websites selling hoodia. While some hoodia pill formulas contain only 100mg of hoodia per serving, I found that I needed 1000mg of hoodia three times a day to have any real effect. Hoodia does not counteract the blood sugar drops that occur following the consumption of refined carbohydrates like soft drinks, cookies, white bread, white rice and other simple carbohydrates. In fact, on the days that I ate carbs, my appetite wasn’t lowered at all. Hoodia weight loss pill only appeared to work in conjunction with a controlled carbohydrate diet. And some would say that a controlled carb diet works by itself anyway. Hoodia products is no way stops your body from feeling extreme hunger after a heavy workout. When I engage in strength training. I feel voracious within minutes. In other words, hoodia doesn’t cause your body to lose its mind. Your muscles still scream out for calories.

One more advise for the truly desperate: I know there are a few people out there who are thinking, “I’ll just take a mega-dose of Hoodia patches and turn off my hunger completely. I won’t eat for days, until the fat go away, and then when I’m slim and trim I’ll start eating again.” This sort of plan is not only medically dangerous, it is utterly stupid. Only a fool would attempt to lose weight in such a radical way. Don’t even try it. Fact is, if you’re losing more than a pound a day, you’re ill in some way and need to feed yourself some healthy nutrition.

Don’t mega-dose with hoodia pills. If you take twenty pills or drink an entire bottle of hoodia tincture, chances are you will just make yourself sick and waste your money.
Don’t be stupid with this: lose weight step by step. Drink a lot of clean water, exercise regularly, stop the refined carbs, and take hoodia weight loss pills in sensible doses.

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