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Posted Nov 04 2009 12:00am

Good evening, all!  I spent the last hour or so working on a post about healthy body image and eliminating negative self-talk, but it just wasn’t “clicking” the way I hoped it would, if you know what I mean.  I’m trying to stop being so hard on myself all the time, but, unfortunately, it is a really hard habit to break.  I wish I felt more comfortable saying nice things about myself, but I’m not there yet, and as a result the post just wasn’t working.  Hopefully I’ll get there soon.  :-/

On a lighter note, here’s breakfast:


Venti skinny vanilla latte and oatmeal with brown sugar mixed in from my friendly neighborhood Starbucks.  Delicious!  I’ve never been much of a morning person, and now that my commute is only five blocks each way, I get up at the last possible second and run out the door without even thinking about breakfast!  :) After an hour or so of work I make my way down the block to the ‘bucks (that way, I miss most of the morning rush!) and get something to eat.  While it is a bit pricey, I think it’s a pretty solid “fast food” breakfast choice that keeps me full all morning.

After some more work and a training session, my co-worker and I decided on an adorable tea & scones shop for lunch.  I might be a little obsessed with this place!  I got:


One pumpkin scone and one honey wheat scone, served with clotted cream and preserves, and a pot of green tea.  SO delicious!  I was “good” and only ate half of each:


Can’t wait to have the leftovers tomorrow!

After work I wasn’t really feeling the gym, so instead I took the pup to our local dog park to blow off some energy.  I had a Fruit-2-day as a snack sort of a chewy smoothie-type thing with 2 servings of fruit while Barkley did his business.  Unfortunately, he was getting a little bit too much *attention* from the other doggies, if you know what I mean (despite the fact that he’s a neutered boy dog!), so we left after about 15 minutes.  The roundtrip walk (about a mile) really tuckered him out, and he’s passed out by my feet as I type this.  :)

Time for dishes, baseball, dinner and baking!  Back later!

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