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Say No To Diet Drugs, Yes To Fruits And Veggies

Posted May 26 2010 6:44pm

Weight loss is a big industry with so many products that offer the promise of realizing a slimmer body, that most people with even a few pounds they want off get confused and run the risk of damaging their health as opposed to improving it.  We've always been opposed to weight loss drugs or weight loss pills because of the unrealistic promises that are almost always associated with them, not to mention the dangerous side effects that accompany most of them. I talked about the last year.  When you think that diet drugs, instead of diet plans for example, can fix a problem - like achieving weight loss - then you're more likely to avoid the actual changes that are necessary for getting healthy.  It's not easy, it's a hard sell, it requires motivation and change - but making lifestyle changes is the best and only way to realize permanent weight loss.  You can find free diet plans to help you get on track. If you want to take pills, make it the Juice Plus+®  Capsules that provide nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The following will explain the dangers being seen from the diet drug Alli --

(Reuters) - Weight-loss drugs from GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Roche Holding AG will carry new warnings about rare reports of liver injury, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday.

The Food and Drug Administration said it had not determined that Roche's prescription drug Xenical or Glaxo's over-the-counter pill Alli caused liver damage, but felt the public should be alerted because the condition is serious.

Patients should stop taking either medicine and consult a doctor if they notice any signs of liver injury, the FDA said. Symptoms may include itching, yellow eyes or skin, dark urine, light-colored stools or loss of appetite. The FDA said it reviewed 12 cases of severe liver damage in patients outside the United States who took Xenical, and one in a U.S. patient who took Alli. Two died and three needed liver transplants.

Some patients took other drugs or had conditions that may have contributed to liver damage, the FDA said.

An estimated 40 million people worldwide have taken Xenical or Alli, the FDA said. Both medicines contain the ingredient orlistat. Xenical was approved in 1999 and Alli, which contains half the amount of orlistat as Xenical, was cleared in 2007. ( )

Comments: Starting with one simple change at a time is the best way to get your weight loss going. There are free diet plans that can help you realize not just weight loss but a permanently healthy lifestyle. The one recommendation for improving your health and weight is to trade your unhealthy foods for more fruits and vegetables.  This is the most recognizable problem with not just weight, but also health. More ripe, raw fruits and vegetables in your diet is the best start to answer to weight loss woes. Supplements like Juice Plus+® and other natural products are much better alternatives to drugs than when it comes to your health. Avoid diet drugs and any drug unless it is absolutely necessary, because all drugs comes with unwanted effects (referred to as side effects, but are really just effects).

Until we all move to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, all the diet drugs in the world aren't going to solve the obesity and overweight problems, and the other problems that are a result of those conditions. So start making healthier choices today.

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