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Save my knees, please!

Posted Oct 29 2013 1:12pm
When I first started my daily workout program, which began as dance performances in Japan!!, my knees hurt just about everyday.
In my case, I simply did not have any muscle development in my legs or abs.   My weak leg muscles and heavy weight contributed to lots of pressure on my knees.
People ( kinda not caring that it hurt my feelings) told me I needed to lose some weight and my knees wouldn't hurt so much.  
Yeah, well, it sounded like a catch 22.   How was I to lose the weight so I could exercise without pain, if the exercise was, itself, the cause of my pain?
There's a better way to look at knee pain, though.   Mindfully.

First, be well informed whenever you have joint pain it is best that you consult a professional physical therapist to rule out a major structural issue that requires rehab.
However, if you are cleared to exercise, by all means, superstar, get to movin' - but mindfully!
 Some TIPS  for ya 

1. Don't run or jump --- instead -- use an elliptical, ride the bicycle, strength train, and opt for a low-impact aerobics class.  

If the class you want to take is built around fast direction changes, abrupt starts and stops, or stomping -- chill.  You need to modify all that stuff until your quads and hamstrings get strong enough to support your knees.

2.  Do yoga.  
I'm not a Pilates hater.  In fact there are leg strengthening exercises in Pilates that you can benefit from.

I just recommend Yoga classes because they offer balancing poses and core building that uses the whole body.  Isometric training for legs (holding poses without moving) and holding the body in alignment with core strength will help you become more conscious of how to position yourself properly when stabilizing and they’ll increase your muscle awareness.

3. Roll out with the foam roller! then stretch--- 
The foam roller is your miracle tool. It will release all of the tight areas around your gluteus, back, and legs.  
Use the foam roller to massage the knots and adhesions in these areas for about 2-3 minutes in each location.  Only roll out till you notice the muscle feels better.  A little each time is better than rolling till your legs turn to jelly, which can actually be damaging to the tissues.
After you roll out, stretch. You'll be amazed by how much more flexible you are after using the foam roller.
And here's a morsel of Extra Credit
Your knees might hurt because of your shoes. 

Especially when the seasons change, we tend to change our shoes ( consider summer sandals to cold weather boots).  Your physical alignment shifts when the heel height and support from your shoe changes.  Your body needs to have time to readjust itself from the heel to knee to hip to back. 

With the proper modifications and a load of patience ( it might take months for you to feel stronger), you can keep movin' toward your goals without interruption.  
Listen, BODyLOvers, protect your knees. Adore your knees.  Focus on keeping them healthy.  Remember, whatever we focus on gets stronger.  
Sore knees don't have to be a set-back.   
Everything depends on how we look at them. 

Blowin’ ya kisses,
your trainer
michelle bernard
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