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Save Calories By Eating Candies

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:41pm


I’m trying to find the right format to do my weekly weigh in, and I saw this at I think it will fit me better.

Weight Change Last Week
- 1 pound / -0.45kg

I didn’t log it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoor because the weather has been so nice. I was really tired yesterday but I decided to go to the park to throw Frisbee anyway. I wanted to do something ”today” that will help me move toward my happy weight. I’ve to remind myself that the KEY is doing it NOW and not planning and trying.

I’m so frustrated with my weight, especially when I feel heavy and tired. I think if I just could stop eating so late my weight would drop so fast. Yesterday I wanted to buy some candy canes so I went on a search for it, but no stores had it. Not even the candy store. I saw that they sell those candies on internet. But who order candies online? :) So I bought some other candies that have few calories instead, hopefully it will prevent me from reaching for food when I’ve craving. I’m not really crazy about sweets and candies though.

I’m trying to be active as much as possible without thinking about burning calories and I don’t get hung up if I miss my workout a few days. It’s a waste of energy to worry about something that already has happened. I’m going to struggle a little bit less and enjoy life a bit more. My new focus is on total wellness, feeling happy, beautiful, and energetic. This is easy to forget when most of the time we only look at the scale and numbers.

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