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Sausage fingers!!

Posted Jan 17 2010 7:15am
Hi loves

So as you know I went to see AVATAR last night.  I've been hearing so much hype about it and really had zero interest.  I only went because a couple my bf is friends with were in town and wanted to go.  Well....let me tell you.  It was a pretty amazing movie.  I've never seen anything like it in my life!  I caught myself with my mouth open so many times because I was just SO amazed!!!  It is also the first real movie I've ever seen in 3D....SOOO cool.  The main actor is also some VERY nice eye candy.  Not only that but Australian! HELLO! You aussies have such a wicked accent.  Anywaythe point is....go see it.  It is pretty cool.  I like how it shows how dumb humans are.  Funny...I just spent the past week teaching my kids that concept.

Anyhoo...I was seriously SO into the movie that all will-power and self control went out the window.  I mindlessly dipped into my bf's large popcorn which I am ASHAMED to say we pretty much split.  Sooooo...I guess what I'm saying is I think I ate a medium popcorn last night.  OMG! Arrrghhh! This morning I feel ill and disgusted with myself.  I'm a big fan of treats here and therebut this was pure gluttony.  Remember how a couple of weeks ago I told you I had 2 Big Macs this year? Well...this is the first time since joining WW that I've eaten movie popcorn. Soooooo...I guess I'm trying to look at the bigger picture here.  This is a new thing I've started to do....not beat myself up when I mess up but instead look at the progress I've made.  Yes I pigged out on movie popcorn last night (quite possibly the most calorific food around) but it was the first time I've eaten it in a year.  And to think I had my healthy snack pack in my purse....arrghh.

I weighed myself this morning and I was up a full pound.  I'm not surprised.  If anything I'm grateful to still be in the 50's.  I used to have the mentality that if I messed up once I ruined everything and would just continue my downfallbut really if you eat a mostly healthy diet messing up once doesn't really throw things off as much as you might think.  Todayas I hobble around with this horrible stomach ache I will prepare all my meals for the week so I can bounce back from that mindlessgross snacking. least I enjoyed the Big Mac.

Something I have REALLY noticed since getting engaged is how certain foods affect my body.  After eating certain foods...popcornsushi. any meal at a restaurantI wake up the next day not able to take off my ring.  It literally gets stuck because my fingers turn into sausages.  You know how sometimes your weight goes up even though you followed the program and you curse yourself and go on an eating binge? Well...get a ring...wear it...check it out.  That sodium thing is TRUE! I never believed it before but it really is true.  Ny fingers are skinnypiano player typesbut not this morning...DAYUM check those babies out!! ENORMOUS! lol to tackle the food situation for the week...will report back later!
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