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Saturday Scramble and Ramble

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:02pm

It’s Saturday Scramble and Ramble time again!  This week flew by and has been so much fun.  I am a true believer in karma and having an open heart.  This past week has proven that concept several times and it has been awesome.  Someone I love dearly had good things happen to her because of the person she is, and has always been.  It is a beautiful thing! 

I challenge each of you to do something extra good/nice/kind this week.  Make someone smile, give a random compliment.  Just make it a week that you can be proud of and make a difference in someones day!

 A couple of my favorite things-   Something I have always tried to do is take good care of my skin.  Especially my face.  The older I get the more careful I am and try to stay out of the sun etc.  I have been asked a time or two what  I use.  I have tried it all trust me, spent tons of money on so many products that I want to cringe.  I always come back to my old tried and true Oil of Olay.  It is inexpensive and it works!  I love their original daily moisturizer and every day after I shower I use the Regenerist Sculpting Cream on my face, neck, and chest.  If you ever want to test this our for yourself… buy it try it and then stop.  The results are immediate.  I love , love, love my Oil of Olay!  You can get Oil of Olay samples and coupons  HERE

One more thing that I would not live without is my perfume.  I am sensitive to perfumes and have to be careful.  They actually give me a headache.  When I found Amazing Grace by Philosophy I was really excited.  The saying on the box is really cool and it just makes me feel… good.  They have a whole line of Amazing Grace scented products,  shampoo, body wash and lotion, I love it all.  You can find it online and at Nordstroms.  FYI if you go to Nordstroms they have samples and if you do not like it, you can return or exchange it. 

Some awesome Friends - Just in case you did not already see our blog spotlight this week, you can see it HERE.   Dr. Mo is the bomb-diggity she is inspiration on fire.  Visit her blog  Follow In My Footsteps  and find out why we love her so much!  *If you have a blog you want to see us spotlight email us

You should also check out the craziness of our friendly food taste-tester QUEEN Yum Yucky.  She tries it all my friends, she even ate prunes, ugh.  Now that is taking one for the team!  I love her witty food reviews and she is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. 

I can hardly go this week without mentioning MizFit and The Anti-Jared.  They both had amazing posts “exposing” themselves.  It is amazing how sincere, brave and inspiring they are by doing so.  It is something I am working my way to doing.  Go you two!

We were in Health Magazine - I know I have all but beat this one to pieces but it is very exciting and cool.  We were mentioned in Health Magazine!  Just in case you have been under a rock and missed me talking and talking and talking about it, you can check out the post on it HERE

Question of the week - This is a section I love to do every Saturday so please keep sending in your questions.  You can leave your question in the comments or email them to us at  

Steve at Log My Loss asked: Shannon, I have a question for you — What motivates you? When life throws all it has at you, what keeps you going?

Shannon Answered:  Many things motivate me, and trust me I am in need of constant motivation!  Here are some of the “biggies”  that I think about often:

  • The thought of being healthy. 
  • The possiblity of being able to wear clothes that are mega hot! 
  • Knowing I can add years to my life by getting healthy. 
  • Feeling comfortable in my own skin.
  • Being able to shop without getting (stuck) in the clothing ;)

What keeps me going?   Even though I try and re-start often I know as long as I do not give up it will come together.  I know that one time it will be the last time I re-start and that finally I will be able to join the league of those who have “done it”.  The love of my sweet husband and kids, knowing I mean the world to them.  When I need motivation I read blogs.  All of my blogging friends help keep me going and help inspire and motivate when I need it the most.  I know I can do this and I know it is in my future. That keeps me going.  YOU all keep me going!

That’s another Scramble and Ramble Wrap Up!

XO Shannon

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