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Saturday Scramble and Ramble

Posted Nov 07 2009 10:02pm

Time for another Saturday Scramble and Ramble!  I am getting to where I really like doing these little weekly reviews.  I feel like a reporter or someone official, lol.  Please remember to send us your requests for Blog Spotlights and Questions for either us to answer or health and fitness questions will be answered by an expert.  (No not us we are only experts in fab fattie-ness.)  You can send it all to our email:  

Now please enjoy the following information provided by us but only possible because of others.  Yeah I am in a weird mood :)


Fabulous Angie - She is cruising through her CNA class and is almost finished, YAY.  She has a new job in a care center and apparently a new boyfriend.  (That is him she is cuddling in the picture)  I am not sure if we will ever get her back if she ends up with a sugar daddy.  I am really wondering what type of care center she is working at that allows such a thing!

My little ER update - I am feeling much better.  They have my medication figured out and my blood pressure has been doing well.  Things are almost back to normal so I will be very happy about that.  However my family is thinking we should pretend to be sick so that all of our neighbors keep bringing us dinner.  I am seriously thinking about it! ( the whole story )

Hot 100 update - Thanks to the ER hoopla I am not doing so well with the Hot 100.  I am still working on my goals but have been set back a couple of weeks.  So I may not qualify for the wonderful prize but I am still in it!  My goals remain the same and I am determined to keep working on them :)

So I bit the bullet - I have officially decided I need to re-write my about Shannon page.   In my little rant of diets I hate I wrote “Weight Watcher’s- My take on it: I would rather eat my arm than go to a meeting!”   Okay I agree maybe a little extreme.  I have just always hated it and I do not know why.  Now guess what I went off and did this week?   I joined Weight Watchers.  I know I just can’t makeup my mind.  Seriously though in my defense let me tell you how this came about.  I know you are in suspense!  The little ER scare that I mentioned above, that is how.  It really put some things into perspective for me and I know I have to make changes for a lifetime, not a quick fix.  Everyone I personally know who has followed the Weight Watchers plan do it for life, and have great results.  To be honest I think that is what my problem has been with it.  I did not want to commit for life.  I wanted a quick fix and be ‘done’ dieting.  I have come to the brilliant conclusion I am right I need to be ‘done’ dieting and embrace a healthy lifestyle forever.

Look at our fabulous friends - This has been an exciting week for a couple of our friends.   Susan a.k.a. Foodie McBody  has officially became a Weight Watchers leader.  WOOT!  How cool is that?  She is the perfect person for such a job because she has heart.  Not just a little heart but serious BIG heart.  Remember when Angie thought she was going to jail  over the ticket?  Well Susan offered to do a quilt raffle to bail her out, lol.  Now who else would do such a thing?!  We are very excited for her and I know she will be FABULOUS at it!

The Anti Jared has big things coming up as well.  He is planning a whole entire convention of his own.  Apparently we are guests explaining how 2 people can use a twitter account and how to use the word FABULOUS as much as possible.  WOW!  What an honour.  We think it is FABULOUS that he would think of a couple FABULOUS girls like us to attend his FABULOUS convention.  For lack of a better word we think it will all be FABULOUS!

Make sure to check out our Blog Spotlight of the week.  Find out how Terri from Gathering My Roses lost 59 pounds with Small Changes!

Question of the week - Thank you for submitting your questions and please send us more.  We love answering them and it is fun to see what you are thinking!

Mary asked: What’s your favorite dessert? Would you please come to Vermont and make it for me? Thanks!

Shannon answered: Mary my favorite dessert is… Gosh that is a hard question, I like so many.  Umm… I would have to say cheesecake!  Not just any cheesecake either only the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  You know the kind that gives you a tummy ache immediately?  That’s the one.  I cannot make it myself (thank goodness) and even if I could NO I would not make it for you.  You are doing far to good in Vermont for me to be bringing you cheesecake! XO

And that is a Saturday Scramble and Ramble Wrap up!

XO Shannon

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