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Saturday's almost over

Posted Jan 16 2010 6:01pm
Seems like today went by pretty fast even though I got up pretty early. I ended up going out and getting my eyebrows waxed then went and got my haircut. I must admit I didn't change things up, it's just a bit shorter but the same style. Then I did some shopping at Wal-mart which included some hair dye. I've never dyed my hair but the gray was starting to show more and more so I thought why not. I just bought the kind that lasts about a month or so. Really other than the little gray being gone now my hair looks exactly the same, thankfully the color matched just right.

So on Thursday the young couple came by to look at the cottage and I asked a lot of questions and I actually got decent answers. So they filled out the rental application and on Friday I called them and said they could have the place. So they are due to come by Wednesday and sign the lease and move in on February 1st. I must admit I'm relieved.

Marie had her bowling party today and I decided to just head across the street to the gym for my 2 hour workout. It felt great though it was a tough darn workout. With trying to do heavier lifting by halfway through I'm just beat. But I made it through and got in my hour of cardio afterwards.

I got an award this week from Hollie and Diana. I usually don't do them but I thought it would be kind of nice to try to change that this year. I'm not ready to do it today but I am thinking about 7 things about myself that you all might not know.

Today my food has been really good. I keep thinking maybe the reason my calories are usually lower on the weekend is because for breakfast I usually have egg beaters. I think they stay with me longer than my homemade protein bars. I don't think I'll be giving up my bars during the week though because they are just convenient and I need that.

Today was beautiful here, about 50 and sunny. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the same and maybe I can get in a walk down my favorite road which I haven't done in ages. I'm crossing my fingers though Mike said it's suppose to rain.

Dana asked how Kevin was doing awhile back. He's doing well. I think he really heard what I was saying about being true to the people around him 100% of the time. I had told him just because people don't know you are doing something wrong doesn't make it ok. I had also told him he needs to put himself in someone else's shoes and really think about how he can damage relationships with people through his actions.

Also, that actions speak louder than words so though he's generally always told me the truth his actions sure haven't always been truthful or honorable. He had therapy this week so I'm hoping that was helpful too. It seems he's trying hard to be nice to the new girl. He's a good person I think he's just a teenager that wants to do what he wants to do and doesn't always give thought to others. Maybe that has changed though, we will see with time.

I have therapy on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to it. I don't want to spend my whole session talking about Kevin though. I really need to continue focusing on myself and my own issues.

My sister called Kevin today and asked if he could come visit for her Birthday next month. A part of me feels resentful about it since she hasn't come and visited Kevin in several years. But I will take him and I am sure we will have a nice visit. I'm really working on just accepting her as she is.

Samma is looking better, her eyes have cleared up and she seems a bit more lively. She still needs to be on my lap every night and she continues to drool on me lol. But I'm thankful she's still with me.

Tomorrow I plan on making a big pot of soup and my bars. I don't think I mentioned that I bought a case of organic pumpkin a week or two ago. I couldn't find pumpkin in any store in my area so I just ordered it and I'm glad I did. It's been very enjoyable having pumpkin every week again. It might become a regular thing for me.

When I was at the store the other night I bought size 8-10 workout pants. They are snug looking on me but they fit so I bought 2 pair, they didn't have any 12-14's. I think maybe I need to try on the size 12 jeans I have again to see if they are looser. It seems like the bottom of me is shrinking a little more which is nice.

Boy I'm a yacker lol.

Till tomorrow...
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