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Saturday Birthday Bash!

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
I promised my friend Anna that I would talk about our extravagant experiences here in Minneapolis in the past week, so here goes :).

Well, like, last Thursday (or was it Friday), Anna and I went to an outlet mall to pick up some new fierce clothing for me. We ended up going to Old Navy (the most upscale place eva ), where I bought an elegantly strong pink polo shirt and some plaid shorts that she picked out for me. I told her that I would wear her awesome outfit for her 21st Birthday celebration on Saturday--which I did. I really did feel like I was on Sex and the City; I don't think I'm a Samantha though.

So Saturday was the huge birthday bash, and everyone was partying it up at Dinkytown (one of the drunk college spots in Minneapolis), and people were totally out of it! It was lol worthy. I bought Anna an Appletini because who doesn't love a nice sparkling applelike beverage. And here is where I make observations about all of my friends:

Monkey Man, unbutton that yellow dress shirt a little and loosen up that tie---seriously.
Baldy, stop wearing that hat all the time, and put on something other than military shorts.
Pumpkin, we get it---you like The Hold Steady. Unfortunately, liking The Hold Steady doesn't get you laid.
Byerly's Bear, you would be a wonderful nurse.
Needs-a-Belt, thanks for helping me find a suit. I felt like a princess!
Boner, my heart is beating like a hammer. OMG I'm so excited for the concert!
Anna, you looked absolutely fabulous, girlfriend!

So yeah, I've fallen completely off the weight loss bandwagon, but I've revamped my diet plan, so hopefully I will see some progress starting tomorrow. I won't get into the boring details, but know this: it's fierce.

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