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Santa is the Devil... hehe

Posted Dec 24 2009 12:00am

So... guess what Santa brought me this afternoon... on this, the eve of my big Christmas weigh-in!

A large pepperoni pizza,

A bag of Doritos,

A bag of BBQ Chips,

4 boxes of pudding,

A package of lemon sandwich cookies,

A box of Little Debbie snack cakes,

2 half-gallons of ice-cream,

and a partridge in a pear tree. Not. (on the partridge in a pear tree, that is... hehe)


And then Santa announced, "We can eat anything we want the next few days. The next few days will be free."

Aaaggghhhh!!! again!!!

Actually... it wasn't Santa. It was my darling husband. My true love... and I really do wish that he had brought home a partridge in a pear tree instead of all of this junk! Eeeks!

So... here I am... a house full of snackies... a weigh-in scheduled for tomorrow morning... and holiday cheer in the air. What am I going to do?

Here are my options:

A. Dive in head first and let the chips (literally) fall where they may

B. Avoid all of this crap like it is the plague

C. Nibble on a few bits here and there this evening (Christmas Eve) and tomorrow (Christmas Day) and THEN avoid it like the plague

Hmmm... Option A does not sound like a good idea at all. Option B would be my best choice for sure. But Option C seems more realistic to me, especially considering that I already ate 2 pieces of pizza and 3 cookies for lunch. Hmmm... not good, but really not that bad either... as long as I do well the rest of the day.

I keep telling myself that Christmas only comes once a year. And I have all of 2010 to lose weight. But... I'm still going to control myself so I don't gain any weight between Christmas and New Years Day.

And... like I said... my big weigh-in is tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

And... have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas!


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