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Salt cravings

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
For some time now, I have had a mild craving for salt. I add quite a lot of Lo Sodium Salt to my meals - much more than I used to. I thought it was simply because I am eating less processed foods and less food generally - so assumed I just needed more salt than I was getting. Indeed, this may be the case. However, looking on the Internet it seems that there a whole host of causes for salt cravings, including adrenal and thyroid gland problems, menstruation, stress and lack of calcium (click on the link above)! The only one of the possibilities that I think could apply to me is lack of calcium: " Some studies have shown that people who are deficient in calcium crave salt more frequently than those who are not." I have been taking a calcium supplement each day (well most days - I sometimes forget) because I am conscious of the fact that I don't eat much dairy produce. I just have a little (100ml) soya milk on my cereal in the morning and eat a low fat yoghurt in the evening. Given that a lack of calcium now seems to be a definite possibility, I will have to see if I can boost the calcium content of my food intake.
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