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Running my first mile, Fishy Meals and Lovely Leeds

Posted Mar 24 2013 8:06pm

Are you a big fish eater? I can't say that I am, and probably only have fish about three times a month, if that,  I should probably make a bit of an effort to up that number, especially when oily fish is concerned! However last week I out did myself by having plenty of fishy meals.

I bought some smoked mackerel which is just perfect for salads, the only problem being is that once I open a packet I have to have it with every meal for a while as Iestyn doesn't like mackerel. Seeing as I don't buy it that often, I don't mind too much.

As it is so flavourful I've been keeping the salad simple with rocket and salad leaves, cherry toms and sliced radishes. I also treated myself to a peach Chobani, which was nicer than I remembered, and I really enjoyed it.

I've got some salmon in the freeze which can be cooked from frozen, which is great for when I need to throw together a quick dinner.On the side I had a sweet potato, with mushrooms, red onions and spinach mixed with some greek yogurt.

The salmon meal was a great post run snack but before going I had the above date stuffed with almond butter which is perfect for a boost before running. I did the C25K Week 4 but with the shorter running intervals that I had done wrong on the previous run. Altogether I did 1.6 miles in just under 22 minutes, which isn't the fastest, but I'm getting there!

Here's another great fish based meal I had last week. I had some white fish in the freezer (sorry I can't remember what type!), so I fried some onions, cooked the fish which I'd cut into chunks, added a few spies and then a tin of passata, added a tin of chickpeas, and then five minutes before everything was ready I added spinach. So easy, fast and relatively cheap too. I'm fighting the urge just to stuff everything into a sweet potato, and I'll be honest, I'm losing that battle!

Another great breakfast was this old favourite of seeded bread topped with almond butter and a sliced banana. I don't really have bread too often anymore but I had some stashed in the freezer after the poached eggs I made the week before, and one slice was just right.

I know after the chocolate fest the week before I said I was going to try and aviod chocolate as much as possible, but that was before my work friend bought back mini PB Reese's cups... I lasted twenty four hours before ripping the bag open!

Tea and cake for two! Another treat from the week was a slice of my mums lemon drizzle cake.

I was up bright and early as I had stupidly booked a 9am train, and I was not happy when I looked out the window. Why Leeds, why? I'm not going to lie, I was feeling a bit delicate, and wasnt feeling like myself again until I reached Piccadilly! It definitely felt good to be home, and despite planning to have a productive afternoon and head to the gym, I ended up taking it easy and reading some more: I can't handle 'wild' weekends like I used to!

For those of you who went to uni, how often do you visit you uni town? I'd like to go more, but we seem to have a schedule going and manage to get together at least twice a year.

What's your favourite way of eating fish? I have to say I'm partial to a bit of hot smoked salmon!

For all you runners out there, can you remember running your first mile? Be sure to remind me of this moment when I'm running marathons...

Don't forget I'm running a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Competition , so go and enter to be with a chance of winning! Please note, it is only open to readers in the UK, sorry!

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