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Run On Sentences? I’ve Got ‘Em

Posted Jan 27 2010 8:28pm

Brace yourself lovelies, I’ve got a lot to say today.

My day started with almond and honey oats. It was, again, too sweet but I enjoyed it. I’m such a creature of habit that I’ve had these damn oats almost everyday for what, 2 weeks? I wonder when I’ll get sick of them. And FYI, I have not been ‘enjoying’ the benefits of adding more fibre into my life.


The beau (N) came over today. Because we both live with our families, it’s kind of hard to get alone time (especially when a certain 7 year old cannot help but bat her lashes and twirl her hair when conversing with him, which happens to be every minute he’s in the house and she’s a.) home or b.) awake) so when my parents go off to work and school, he comes over and basically sits around while I clean the house, stuff like that. So today, I threw on Madonna’s Immaculate Collection and started to clean. Then he showed up, and because I’m comfortable enough around him (it’s shocking really), I just continued to dance like a freak and clean. Finally, after Get Into The Groove, I noticed that he was starring. Immediately my fat girl radar went off ‘oh god, is he looking at my dimply thighs? Is my t-shirt clinging to my belly rolls?’ I then asked him what he was looking at so intensely and he came back with “Girl, who do you think you are?” Now, we totally have the same humor but this comment threw me off. Does he mean I’m too fat to dance around like Madonna’s fat twin sister? Before I could finish my internal freak out, he walked over to me, gave me a kiss and said “I’ve never met anyone like you. You’re the freakin’ cutest thing ever.” Sigh…still smiling from that one. Now, I wonder how many calories I burned while dancing like Madonna, sweeping the floor and sucking my gut in the whole time. Inquiring minds would like to know..

After that I headed over to the walk in clinic to see a doctor. My family doctor is having some issues right now, and she won’t be seeing patients for a while, so I figured I might as well be proactive and see if someone else could see me. I listed off all my symptoms and apparently I feel all this because I’m obese. Now, that could be the case, but I can’t see why he couldn’t have just sent me for some blood work and made me happy. Not quite sure what I’m going to do. I guess I might wait it out another month, carefully track how I feel and when, to see if it all could be revolved my menstrual cycle.

I watched Oprah today. I have a bunch of different opinions and feelings about the episode. First off, I think it was brilliant. Very eye opening. They covered a lot so I’m going to give my opinions and share some things that they talked about:

  • Michael Pollan, the author, stated that you should eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it. Example: french fries. Fries are a pain the ass to make, therefore most people won’t eat them very often (in a perfect world). They also talked about baked goods as well, cookies and brownies can be a hassle to make, but at least you know that when you bake them, they’re not filled with chemicals which leads me to
  • Don’t eat anything that doesn’t rot. Pretty simple.
  • Visit or to find farmers in your area. Also, to look for places who raise and slaughter their animals in humane ways.
  • “A prime example of this is chicken—an animal Michael says has been re-engineered through breeding and diet to produce the breast meat consumers want. Compared to 50 years ago, chickens are now raised and slaughtered in half the time and grow twice as big. “ Michael Pollar said. Now that completely freaked me out.
  • He also went on to talk about how, in the States, its often cheaper to eat fast food than buy apples and pears. Now, I live in Canada but I can say that when I did go Buffalo for a shopping trip, I found it very hard to find a 1L or 1.5L bottle of water. When I did find one, it ended up being the same price as two 2L bottles of coke. Not sure why that was but I definitely found that odd.
  • I love Alicia Silverstone. I wish I had her drive to eat vegan but I just couldn’t do it. I think her book, The Kind Diet, would be an interesting read. She’s also looking very fabulous. She mentioned that after she started her vegan diet her eyes became brighter, her nails were stronger, her skin improved etc.
  • Obviously some people are going to think differently about all the things above. I certainly have contrasting feelings about some things as well. For instance, while I feel that weight loss is very important, and I want to get heatlhy, I find it hard to eat sugar free, fat free yogurt. The idea(and the taste) of all those artificial sweeteners and ingredients is gross to me. Yet I fully embrace margarine that walks and talks like butter, but isn’t. Maybe it’s a give and take kind of thing. After all, you can’t eat butter, full fat yogurt, full fat milk, full fat cheese and tons of bread and expect to lose weight. You need to make different modifications to facilitate weight loss. 

I think I’m getting into rambling territory so I’ll leave it at that. It’s definitely something to think about, and if you’re interested you should watch Food Inc., or read Michael Pollar’s or Alicia Silverstone’s books, for starters. I think I will definitely look into buying/eating animals who were raised and slaughtered humanely and maybe trying to eat a meatless dinner a week. I already buy from farmers markets whenever I can and I can’t wait till summer rolls around to enjoy all of Ontario’s fresh produce.

As much as I can detest the kiddos (or monsters, depending on the day) known as Ben and Sarah, sometimes they are so damn cute. Today I had an audience in the room while I worked out on the Wii Fit. Sarah (who’s chubby for her age) was stepping along with me and kept saying “Wow Erin, you’re good at this”. Ben talked me through my strength training and yoga routine that I made for myself. I was finding it quite hard to get through at some points but that little kid really made me dig deep to finish it. During the 30 second plank he kept saying “You’re doing so good Erin, look at that great form!” During the rhythm kung fu, rhythm parade and free step, he kept telling me how awesome I was doing. My little cheerleaders! Here’s me (or Mii heh heh) getting down in rhythm kung fu:


and after what seemed to be a semi-intense workout out, I got this:


319 calories!? That’s it!? I even broke out in a sweat for goodness sake. I avoid sweating. I’m so not pouting now, nope, not at all.

I just got out of a ridiculously hot shower. I smell like delicious honey soap from Lush and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

So how did today’s goals go? Did I get the strawberries? No and I’m not going to say that I will any time soon for fear of jinxing it. Did I dance? Yessur I did! Did I spend at least 30 minutes on the Wii? Affirmative. Did I track? Hmm..well…kind of. Did I drink 3L of water? Yup. Did I avoid those cookies? Why yes, I certainly did. Right after I had two and threw their homies to the back of the cupboard.


-is my momma’s 42nd birthday. I will be having a celebratory personal size cheese pizza from Fortinos. Perhaps frozen berries will be purchased there? Who knows..!

-I will have another 3L of water

-I will play on the Wii for 30 minutes or more

-I will dance like a maniac, maniac on the floor

-I will try my very bestest to remember to track

-I will NOT reunite more pecan cookies with their fallen comrades in my belly

P.S If you’re still reading this and have reached then end of this post alive, I love you.

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