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Rosy's Virtual support group for women....including weekly diets that I will share

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:08pm
Ok friends..been thinking again...Monday I was wondering if any of you ladies who follow my blog would like to start a brand new diet with me...?

I was thinking if there are enough of us interested..perhaps we can do this together. Even though not in person....we can share the same diet..which I can change every week to give us a bit of variety?

If you can all do the diet MOnday to Saturday....Sunday we will have our cheat day.(something we can look forward to as a reward for a good job done)

We can all come here, if we have any comments or questions and just help each other out giving each other support like a family.

What do you say? anyone interested in changing your eating habits the way I will be changing mine to take off the extra lbs I put on? Might be fun to do it together if you think your ready.

Let me know your imput..I will get started this weekend so by Saturday you can all have your shopping lists ready so you have everything to start fresh Monday morning!I will post them either way and you may use them if you wish ok

I will make it everyday sort of foods ones which you are used to eating, and perhaps already have lying around the house..

Please give me your information on how much your current weight is, because this also will help with calories.
email me your current weight at
I dont need to know will just help me to make categories of the diet depending on weight.:)

And I am doing it calorie wise for us...because i am assuming not many will be putting in alot of time in the gym...I am just doing this as a calorie restricted diet...we will focus more on using whole foods, and wiser choices throughout the week..we will try to have only the best for us throughout the week...ok

Talk soon
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