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Posted Mar 07 2009 2:56pm
So here it is friends...this is MY personal diet that I made up to begin as of Monday.

Again I am combining weight watchers points, but will also incorporate whole foods, more emphasis on the protein part of it, fruits, and veggies.I will be making better choices regarding carbs as well and what i choose to take in. Its deff not going to be stuff like thanks.

To begin with I am in the 175-199lb category. Won't be for long but nevertheless I am. So that gives me the points of 24.

Not much really and believe me these points can add up real quick!! Important to remember..choosing is key to stretch them out as much as possible. Of course I say that after I just ate a piece of Deep and Delicious McCain those suckers are good. LOL But I figured it will be a while until I will be able to enjoy another piece (at least 7 days) so I figured..what the heck:-))haha
Hey give me points for being honest at least. I will always find some humour in whatever i am tackling. I have always been that way. But dont underestimate how serious I will be starting Monday. I feel even better knowing that some of you out there will be starting this along with me. Perhaps using some of my ideas..or maybe making up your own..either way I want to be serious about this, not only for me but also for you guys...and I need to get back down to the size I was..or at least close to it. Anyways I present to you all MY DIET for WEEK 1 of this challenge.

ROSY'S MEAL PLAN FOR THE WEEK OF March 9th until the 14th

6:30 am First thing first my multi vitamin..down the gullet!Gulp!

2 egg omlete
2 whole eggs (4)points
cut up tomato (0) points
cut up mushrooms (0)points
cut up onions (0) points

2 glasses of water (0)points

10:00 Mid morning snack aroo
1 whole fruit2points
1 glass of water

1:00 Lunch Fiesta
3oz of boneless,skinless chicken breast (3)points
Nice big bowl of salad (0)points
Half cup of brown long grain rice (2)points
1 Tablespoon of Olive oil (2)points
1 Tablespoon of vinegar (0)points

2 glasses of water (0)points

4:00p.m. Mid afternoon snack
1 fruit freshly picked and flown in from california just for me (2) points
1 glass of water (0)points

7:00p.m. Supper time
4 oz boneless skinless chicken breast (4)points
1 cup of quinoa (4) points
1 cup of steamed veggies(combination of frozen carrots,brocoli,and cauliflower)
Another green romain lettuce salad topped with cucumber pieces and Tomatoes(0)points
1 Tablespoon flax oil (2)points
1 Tablespoon of vinegar (0) points
2 glasses of water

Total combined points for the day 24points as recommended! Voila!!

Now a few things I want you guys to look at. First...notice how I made sure to eat every 3 hours...except for the last meal which is 4 hours no biggy? Something that is really good is to eat every few hours not having big lengths in between of not eating, and not having huge meals either.

Second. Like I mentioned I incorporated my fruits, my veggies...brown rice and quinoa as my carbs. I have also included my 2 tablespoons of GOOD oils(flax and olive)

I personally chose not to put in Milk. Not that I dont like milk..but I just would rather not thats all.

I also made sure to get in all my water for the day spacing it all out.

If you look at the menu there is nothing processed in there. it is all fresh foods, something that i have been taught through previous experience is really important. You do your body wonders by taking out junk. However its up to you all. If you would rather put it in your diet..well go for it and check out the points..personally I am not.

Anyways..this is a good example of what a diet on weight watchers is all about. if you need any help or questions for me please feel free to post any.
Good luck on your own diets..hope to hear some good results not only from me but from all of you next Monday!!

Have a great week!
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