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Posted Aug 07 2009 2:58am

Whether we like it or not, ladies, men still drive our eating choices.


By Marie Dufour, RD- Interesting study from MacMaster University in Canada, looking at the eating behaviors of women.  


Women have a tendency to choose lower-calorie foods when they eat in the company of men than when they eat among other women.   Better yet, the more male specimens in the group, the lower the caloric intake of the woman.   How's that for a dieting strategy?


However, when in company of other women, there is no inhibition and no particular restriction.    Here we go, girls, pass around the chocolate cake and the tiramisu!


Men, on the other hand, do not seem to vary their eating choices.   They eat what they eat, regardless of male or female company.   (Do they eat less alone? More?)


What makes us behave differently around men?   Is it in our genetic code?   Do we want to be attractive by eating less?   Is it for physical image implication? Do we want to appear economical?   Whatever chemistry is driving us to this behavior, I like it.


Girlfriend, I'm not going out to lunch with you!

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