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Posted Oct 10 2012 11:28pm

Oh, hey! I’m still alive. 

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, mainly because classes + work + teaching has started to pick up. (<– understatement).

It’s October, which means we’re getting to the “meat and potatoes” of the semester. All those goals I made for myself at the beginning of the year?! Yep. They’re not really being actualized right now, which is why I’m trying to get back to posting & being on track.

I DID however, accomplish a lot this weekend. A lot of fun & relaxation, which is one of my goals this term. Doug and I went up to Portland, Maine – one of our favorite cities on the East Coast – for a weekend of no homework, no stress and no internet :)

We intended to camp for Friday and Saturday night. We set up Friday during a minor rainstorm (it was still beautiful). 

 Trying out our new two person sleeping bag was probably one of Doug’s highlights of the weekend. My lower back disagreed.

I ate lobster for 4 out of my 9 meals in Maine. 

When the greatest food ever is THIS cheap, you get it. Every time. 

We also did super nerdy things like stop at Historic Landmarks and read plaques (because you know I love me some historic landmarks).

Mostly, we did a lot of eating, walking, exploring and enjoying each other’s company. And visits to the L.L.Bean Store. Love that place.

 As I started to get that familiar “grad school panic” on Monday as we headed back home, I tried to remind myself that trips like this are worth it in the long run. I might be stressed about all the work that I “should have been” doing – but I’m going to remember these trips with my husband to be much more than I’m going to remember my homework grade. 

That’s my goal for the rest of R(Oct)ober. More fun, less stress. More trips and visits with friends, less homework. 

If only I could get my faculty advisors on board with this. ;)

What’s your October goal?!?

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