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Road Rules: Cars v. Bicycles

Posted Aug 02 2011 12:28pm
I am not a fan of bike training. It’s not that I don’t like being out on my bike. In this heat, the breeze that comes from moving at a decent pace makes the exercise tolerable. When I can get a good momentum going, I feel powerful. I can log a lot more miles in a lot less time than swimming or running. For some reason though, on the bike, I feel invisible to the cars that I’m sharing the road with. And trust me, I’m not small enough to be invisible to anyone. Here’s the thing. When I’m out on my bike on the road, I follow the rules. I wear my helmet. I stay on the right side of the road. I obey traffic lights and stop signs. I stay off the main roads as much as possible because cars going really fast scare me. Even so, I’ve had several close calls on my bike and I know plenty of others who have had the same. Here are three very simple rules for cars when sharing the road with a bicycle or a group of bicycles. You are bigger than me. And faster. If my bike hits you, [...]
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