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Rising Up: A Workout Playlist

Posted Aug 16 2010 8:52am

It’s New Music Monday here at Roni’s Weigh! I was so excited when Chris from Run Hundred asked if I’d be open to music suggestions based some of my favroite songs. I love music when running but I tend to ignore things like beats per minute (BPM) when selecting running/workout mixes. I simply go with what I like.

Chris, on the other hand, knows his stuff! He put together this awesome mix that I listened to on my 7 mile run yesturday. The run actually turned into a run/walk as it was my first time getting out there since my illness this past week. The music was perfect for a high tempo walk and it really kept me going when I needed a break from running.

Anyway, I’ll let Chris take over and make his reccomendations. I’m thinking about making this a weekly or bi-weekly feature so let me know what you think!

Roni and I’d talked about trying to piece together a workout playlist based around a few of her favorite gym jams. 

The challenge here was to take her song of choice ("Uprising" by Muse) and find nine more songs with the same tempo (128 BPM).

My hunch is that the lady loves rock.  But this is, no joke, one of three BPMs where most all techno/dance music clocks in.  If you’re curious, 125 BPM and 132 BPM are the other two tempos to which Jersey Shore-style, fist-pumping music generally adheres.

Having said that, I tried to include a little something for everyone.  So, there’s  Bloc Party, Sweet, and Weezer for the rock fans.  And Prodigy, Deep Dish, a Lily Allen remix for dance fans.  Plus, there’s a track from Peter Gelderblom that splits the difference by turning a Red Hot Chili Peppers track into a club favorite.  Lastly, if you’ve got no allegiance–there are curveballs from both Sia and Junior Senior. 

Regardless of what moves you, there ought to be something here that fits with your workout routine. Especially if you’re workout routine is around 128 BPM (think:  brisk walking), there’s a lot here that’ll fit.


  1. Muse – Uprising
  2. Junior Senior – Together For One Last Dance
  3. Deep Dish – Sacramento
  4. Lily Allen – The Fear (Stonebridge Club Mix)
  5. Bloc Party – Kreuzberg
  6. Sweet – Fox On The Run
  7. Peter Gelderblom – Waiting 4
  8. Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
  9. Prodigy – Warriors Dance (South Central Remix)
  10. Weezer – Dope Nose


Chris Lawhorn is the resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine and runs a workout music database.  If you’d like to hear the current releases, vote on upcoming tracks, or find out who didn’t make the cut–you can check out Run Hundred.

If you are not reading this on Roni's Weigh OR your RSS reader then it has been plagiarized!

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