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Ringing in the new year with a new me....hopefully....

Posted Dec 30 2007 2:48pm 2 Comments

Well, I definitely will in terms of will power. That I must promise myself. So, it's to the gym 3-4 days a week at least. And healthy eating. If I make my goal of 140 pounds by March 1, great!, but if I'm close but don't make it quite there, I've learned that I can't get down on myself. As long as I try my best and feel good and my health is good-that's what matters. Not a number.

Happy New Year All!

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No matter how you go about it you've got to exercise and diet out of love for yourself and your body not out of disgust or dislike. If you've got the wrong mindset then losing weight is like punishment and you won't put a good effort into it. If you enjoy yourself and revel in the wonderful changes and how strong and energetic your body feels then losing weight will come easier. If you're feeling good and you're happy and excited then you really don't need much will power.
You are so right! It is all in how you feel, not in what number the scale lands on. I know that even when my weight in numbers doesn't go down, tone and physique make all the difference. Why not put more emphasis on measuring weight loss in fit (clothing) and feel (emotionally) instead of numbers? It sure does make one feel more successful to buy a new, smaller pair of jeans than to watch the scale do virtually nothing.
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