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Ridiculously Long Running Club Recap

Posted Jun 25 2012 6:00am
Holy cow, Saturday morning was a whirlwind!  Starting when my alarm when off at 4:30 am (with just a brief moment of "what the heck was I thinking, running BEFORE running club started?!), to driving into a dark parking lot an hour later, meeting up with five equally crazy ladies, and setting off into the unknown...well, for me, anyway.  It's strange to run a different route, especially when it's still dark.  Julia ran this route on Wednesday, which was good for me because at one point I was pretty turned around as to which direction we should go.  No worries, though - we made it through our planned 4 mile run just fine.  Oh, we had one funny blip:  we crossed a major street, in the crosswalk and with the light, and because there was so little traffic, almost jaywalked the adjoining street, but when we glanced to our right, we could see a police car sitting at the signal, so we stopped and pressed the "walk" button for the crosswalk.  A couple seconds later, the police officer got on her loudspeaker and we heard "RUNNERS, YOU MAY CROSS THE STREET" - so we did, indeed, jaywalk...hey, it was police-sanctioned.  Just another mini adventure in running!

All that craziness, and it wasn't even 6:30 am yet!  We arrived back at the new official running club meeting spot, which happens to be in front of the BRAND! NEW! RUNNING! STORE!  So exciting!  The store, Brazos Running Company, is the new sponsor of our USAFit BCS running club, and most of our runs will begin from the storefront.  We were all milling around, with new and old members of the running club arriving to sign up, when one of the store owners, Mike, saw me and took me inside to see the store before they opened (and yes, I did feel special!).  Y'all, it was total eye candy.  They had so much stuff, and it was all displayed so nicely!  I took a quick look and almost instantly spotted a Brooks "Run Happy" shirt hanging up - wheee!  I've been wanting a Run Happy shirt for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to get it - first day of half marathon training, back to being with my running club peeps, AND the new store?  It must be mine.  This is a little out of order, but here's a shot of me in my new shirt, after I'd gotten cleaned up.  The rest of the pictures will be my traditional "look like hell" running pictures - but hey, if I looked like this, I wouldn't have gotten a good workout in!
 Love this mantra, and paired with a cupcake?  Yes, please!

OK, back to the beginning.  So the runners arrived and it was great - not only were people returning who'd been there the last go-round, but several from my first time with the running club, back in 2010, came back!   Darrell was there, who I trailed on that infamous 12-mile death march, and Tiffani was there, who I ran with on the very first day of running club, and Stina, who was also there the first day - she won a fuel belt in the raffle and gave it to me!  Ah was great to see them and know that we'd all be suffering running together again!
Everyone milling around, waiting to start our 2 mile run.
After some announcements and coach intros (did I mention Julia is the assistant coach for the marathon group?), we set off on our run, where my legs immediately protested.  They were all "wait, WHAT IS THIS??  we were DONE, lady!" - so yeah, that second run wasn't great, but I did it with Kim, who had also been one of the early morning crazies, and she was just as tired.  We ran, we walked a bit, we got it done.  Six miles total, and honestly, I think it would have been easier to do it all at once rather than split it up with an hour-plus break in between.

Then the real excitement began - the store owners - Mike, Dara, Dan and Janine - came out and said a few words, and then?  The running store was officially open!
Here we are, ready to go in...can you find me in this picture?  Coach Dale took this one.
Coach Dale also busted me at the check out - he called my name, I turned, and bam.  Picture snapped, and he emailed it to Jeff!  Nah, it's all good.  We've waited a long time for a running store in our community, and supporting it will hopefully ensure that it will STAY in our community!
Tiffani, Julia and I, all lined up to buy our stuff!
So what did I get?  Well, considering that I really didn't NEED anything, a lot...which should come as no surprise to anyone.  I planned ahead and packed a complete change of clothes so I could shed my gross sweaty running outfit and be able to try on new clothes.  I had the Run Happy shirt in my hand and also another BRC technical shirt in pink and turquoise (I KNOW!!!) but it was a slim fit and the biggest size, a large, felt just too clingy for my liking.  Too bad, as it was cute.  They had some Moving Comfort shorts that appealed to me - I haven't bought any running shorts since early 2010.  I do like the running skirts, but lately I've been wearing my old shorts to run in, so I bought a new pair to try.  They are a longer length than a lot of running shorts, which I liked as I am not ever thrilled with my thighs.  I'll let you know how they work out.

I also bought some new colors of the Thorlo Experia running socks - these are my go-to socks and I just love them.  I still have my very first pair that I bought in February 2010 - they are doing great, and while expensive to begin with, obviously are well-made and last and last.  Plus, the colors!  I can't resist.

I was happy to see that they had Sweaty Bands at the store, and indulged in a couple more of them.  Again - I absolutely did not need these, but to see them in person before buying was great fun.  Oh, did I mention that we had a one-time 20% discount as members of the running club?  That certainly helped my shopping spree.  And we still have Jeff's coupon for another one, when we'll need to buy new running shoes. 

Here's the loot It's like Christmas in June!!!
And after all the excitement of the morning?  You can bet I took a nice nap, along with several Motrin chasers throughout the day, followed by a trip out for frozen yogurt in the evening.  All in all, a great day! 
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