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Rewarding Yourself. Better Yet, Rewarding Me.

Posted Jul 08 2011 11:50pm
Days until Con : 55

I'll admit my blog posts haven't been exactly health related as of late, and to add insult to a sprained ankled, my posts have become  somewhat infrequent. So you haven't seen my lovely mug daily, which is fine, and you've probably even asked why I post a picture of myself with every Hot for Con post.

It's part of the triforce of rewards I planned for Hot for Con journey. Rewards, I believe, become an absolutely critical part of any health plan. As far as I'm concerned you need to grade yourself to know if you're getting better and you also need to see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

I planned three big ones. Each in their own right are things that will become the cornerstone of where I am in my life.

Reward 1: Being Hot at Dragon Con. 
The first reward, and this is one that's not a big secret, simply walking into Dragon Con with confidence. In the past I'd been self conscious and shy, to a crippling level. Will having confidence fix being shy? Maybe, maybe not, but the D*Con is my finish line. It's where I stop and take a moment to take in everything I've accomplished.

Also, it's where I'll be drinking heavily with like minded geeks.

Reward 2 : Visual Progression Video
I've been keeping the pictures, the ones in posts like this, and will be splicing them together in a picture a second video of my weight-loss progression, likely to be done and posted a day or two before Con.  It'll be nice to see in a few short minutes just how dramatic a handful of healthy months can effect your appearance. Perhaps the video can inspire others to take up the same philosophy, but when the video is done I believe the results will demand my emotional attention.

Like getting a degree, or a really good slow mo head shot on a zombie in Fallout 3.

Reward 3 : Tattoos
This will likely be the most shocking choice for those who've known me a relatively short amount of time. I don't talk about this aspect of my personality much but I've always wanted, and to some degree need, tattoos. I made a not-so-secret pact with Beau, one of my best friends and something of a tattoo enthusiast, that if I broke in under 200 pounds I'd finally get those tattoos I'd been saying I'd get since we were teenagers. Tattoos are deeply personal pieces of art that stay with you forever, and as I kick open the doors into a new era of my life I want to take with me something I'd always wanted to have but was too afraid to get. My life is litered with these moments, the moments where the act of doing/saying something outrageous or seemingly irresponsible drives me into a frenzied panic and in the end I give up on the matter. Because it's not what sensible people do.

I'm well past the revelation that my life isn't built for normalcy and for the first time in a long time I'm empowered by it.
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