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Review and Contest: Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform

Posted Dec 02 2008 1:15am

A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a scale for the site. Oh, excuse me, I mean a "Weigh Platform"…

The Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform motivates and guides you through an achievable 10-pound weight loss with audible feedback (yes, that’s Mary Lou Retton talking to you), including music, applause, fun electronic tones, helpful health tips, positive reinforcement and daily messages of encouragement. After the 10-pound goal is achieved, the Platform resets automatically so you can either maintain your weight, or go for another 10 pounds.

At first I didn’t get it. I mean how is Mary Lou’s Weigh platform going to help me lose 10lbs? Is it going to have some kind of secret plot with my fridge to lock after a certain time? Maybe it’ll drag my butt out of bed and tie my running shoes on at 5AM? Oh, oh… I know, it sends a signal to my MAC so it displays subliminal message that I’m REALLY not hungry when I’m working too late. Seriously, it’s a scale people!

But then I tried it. This is no normal scale. It has no display. That’s right, you read that correctly. There are no numbers staring you in the face. You hop on and it talks to you! You’re thinking, "yea so what… it’s still going to tell me a number I don’t want to hear." But you’re wrong! It NEVER tells you how much you weigh. NEVER!

Ok, are you are now probably as confused as I was. :)

Here’s the deal.

Day one, you get on the scale. It doesn’t tell you how much you weight. It just gives you a motivating message.

Day two, you hop on again. This time it tells you whether or not you are up or down from your starting weight from day one and my how much (ie 1lb - you can also set it to kg). You get another motivating message. Oh! and if you are down. It claps! That’s right the scale gives you a standing ovation! LOL How cool is that! If your weight went up, it gives you some encouraging advice. You can hop on the scale when you want to, daily, weekly, whatever I’m just using days as that’s what I did. It has a goal of 10lbs. Once you hit that you can decide if you want to set it for 10 more or to maintain.

Honestly, I think this is GENIUS! How many times do we get depressed about that miscellaneous number staring up at us? I have to admit, I’ve been avoiding the scale recently because I don’t want to see mine. But with this scale I can just measure my success from this moment. I’m not bombarded with a number that may throw me into a deep depression and derail my efforts. I actually look forward to hopping on the next day to see how I’ve done and to hear the fun messages

Don’t get me wrong it, has similar downfalls as regular scales but I think it has some advantages. I like that it doesn’t focus on a particular weight and I like the encouraging messages (I’m cheesy like that). It also has settings for 2 people. So if you are trying to lose with a friend it can remember each of your starting weights.

In all honestly, I’d really like to keep mine! LOL But I decided to give it away. I’m out of the habit of weighing daily and since I don’t really want to lose even 10lbs it will be "wasted" on me. I’d rather see someone else get a burst of motivation with a new gadget. I know I would! :~) Oh! and it comes with a really cute, motivating book and CD (that I didn’t watch… I never do lol)

So here’s the contest deal…

Simply copy and paste the code below and put it in a post on your blog as your entry. It can be it’s own post or just tacked on to one you already plan to write. Then simply leave a comment here with a link to the post so I can check it out. That’s it!

<p>I entered <a href="">t Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Giveaway</a>! <br />
Check out <a href="">Roni’s Weight Loss Blog</a> for more information.</p>

This is what it looks like…

I entered the Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

For all the non-bloggers who want to enter, don’t fret! Simply sign up for BlogToLose and use your free blog space there to enter! It’s really easy and you’ll have a space to enter for future contests, even if you decide not to blog anything else. Plus you can chat with me and use the message boards if you like. Actually, you can use the space to enter other blogger’s contests as well. :~P Just a thought.

And before you ask… YES I will ship anywhere! :~)

So enter before Sunday, the toddler and I will randomly pick a winner Sunday night at 7PM EST. Good Luck! And I’ll post the winner next Monday.

Good Luck!!

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