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Reversible Weight Loss Surgery To Become The Procedure Of Choice:Hospital Angeles, Dr. Lopez Corvala Lead the Field

Posted May 15 2010 10:37am
Award winning medical device manufacturer Crospon, announced today that its EndoFLIP ® system has been used for the first time to assist in the sizing of a gastric sleeve in the newly emerging weight loss surgery technique known as gastric imbrication (also known as gastric sleeve plication)

The device provides visual feedback to the surgeon as to the size of sleeve being created, which has important consequences for weight loss surgery patient’s post-procedure experience.

The announcement is one of the earliest public discussions of the new gastric sleeve plication or gastric imbrication weight loss surgery -  a reversible procedure that is differentiated from existing bariatric procedures in that it does not require device implantation nor the removal of  stomach tissue.

Crospon participated as part of a randomized control trial currently underway with principal investigators Mahendra Narwaria MS, FICS ( Asian Institute of Gasroenterology Surgery, Ahmedabad, India), Daniel R. Cottam M.D. (Surgical Weight Loss Centre of Utah), and Sunil Sharma, M.D (University of Florida), to compare weight loss outcomes of gastric imbrication versus sleeve gastrectomy.  H ospital Angeles, in Tijuana, Mexico under the surgical direction of  Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Corvala and his team,  will be conducting training on the Gastric Imbrication surgical technique in June using the Crospon EndoFLIP ® to create the sleeve during the procedure.

Dr. Lopez Corvala comments that  the gastric imbrication procedure  – because of its reduced complications relative to other weight loss surgeries -  is likely to become the new platinum standard among bariatric surgeons.  It now appears there is  early support for this insight with Dr. Daniel Cottam quoted as saying  “ The EndoFLIP®device has the ability to change the way we do bariatric surgery all over the world.There has been nothing as revolutionary as this device since the lap band.I believe in five years we won’t know how we ever did bariatric surgery without it”.

Larry Fulton V.P. of Sales, Crospon, commented, “ This is truly breakthrough technology to allow the surgeon to create a “custom sleeve” to avoid post-operative complications. It is a perfect marriage of a new procedure and a new technology to benefit patients and to give more consistent surgical outcomes.”

Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala has performed more gastric sleeve plication/gastric imbrications than any surgeon in the world. He is currently training top US surgeons on the procedure at Hospital Angeles Tijuana with the next training session taking place June 5th, with five US patients.

With over 200,000 people engaging in surgical weight loss procedures annually in the US, the gastric imbrication procedure has strong potential to become the procedure of choice among weight loss surgery patients.

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