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Posted Jun 19 2010 12:59am
Restart number ... who knows but it is... 

First PT session in forever, was MINT loved it, every minute of it, feeling a few muscles who have been lazy there for a while. Feel good.. 
Weight today was 101.1 yeah back there again... never again, this is it.. this is not a try.... this is the last time I will ever be here, ever.. as this is the last time I will start again on this journey as I will finish it this time. This time.. the finish line is defined and I can see it, this time I have set myself  the goal of, get there, you are allowed to achieve this, you are allowed to feel AWESOME, yes that's right ,my goal is permission to myself to do it. I can do it, I know I can I have lost (at one point) 45 kilos... I can do this.. I want it I need it and I love myself enough to get there and yes some things may rock the boat, parties, work functions and a few other things, but they can rock the boat not capsize it, no more is this girl going to turn her world upside down for food and drink, NO MORE. 

I am now on day two of doing what needs to be done, living a healthy lifestyle, I even managed to not eat anything at the school fair, YIP nothing, I was in the cafe with scones and muffins and cake and biscuits and I had a black coffee... I made the scones and had two for lunch.. yeah knew they were there waiting so had nothing else, calorie'd them in and went from there. 
There are chips next to me, I had one to try them (they are the lowest cal chips I could find in supermarket for the OH) they are ok, I had half a packet of pop-corn instead. 
Food is done for today, I have a herbal tea to have and  I am done :) 

So onwards.... and downwards and no-fat me is back.... 

Vic xox
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